Wednesday, August 5, 2009


over the yearz when it comez to menswear, the white suit haz alwayz been the cut loose,celebretory item for a man to wear. It showz a type of class, but at the same time itz made for that night out on a town atmosphere. I mean letz be real you wouldn't wear a white suit to a board metting to talk bussiness(well I would, but thatz the rebel in me LOL). In the past seven yearz we've seen a big surge in celebretiez wearing the white suit. You've got the rapperz such az Nas, Diddy, Jay-z and ect. Then your R&B heart throbz. Really we can't count them becauze they are suppozed to be dressed!! Then you have even Pro atheletez walking down the red carpet in them. The white suit haz become a symbol of wealth. Really itz nothing new, men have been revamping the white suit for yearz. Take Al Pacino in Scarface!!! ruthless spanish dude crushing the white suit and red dress shirt. Then who can forget John Travulta crushin the white three peice Bell bottom suit in the saturday night dance fever. Personally i'm a fan of the white suit. But to me when you break out one for every occassion iz when I have a problem. Diddy iz good for wearing a white suit, for a couple different jointz. You can tell they're different by the shade color, fabric, and cut. So doez Rick Ross!!! Yes he'z the flyest big guy since Biggie, but he'z got to utilisze the color scheme a whole lot better. There are other colorz that will diffently make wavez other than white. But see thiz iz what most men think. They'll choze white becauze iz smooth enough without going overboard. So most men are trying to play it safe!!! Which iz cool. Everyman can't be Milt-Fresh!! Really every man doezn't need to be Milt-Fresh. But, just understand we have way more optionz than we're willing to give credit for.

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