Wednesday, December 31, 2008

THE HEAT!!!!!!

I can't even really talk!!! i'm speechless!!! All I know is the brown and tanish joints are soooo raw FuZz!!! Black and white ones are true class. The Mocs, i'm definetly in love with!!!! Those joints can be dressed up or dressed down. They're my equivilant to wearing sneakers with a suit. Got to love em

Sick FuZz from Marc Ecko cut and Sew!!!!

Marc Ecko is still one of the tops in Upscale Urban Apperal. Sweater game is tough!!!!! The detail and designs are very serious when it comes to this brand. All three are most definetly my style

Fit would be ill at the diddy white party!!! Brad is crushin this look!!!!

Yo Brad is channeling his inner hood dude in this look!!!! Normally you see brad in a more calmer fit. But once in a blue moon brad breaks out and stunts rather negroish!! But I like it. Like the heading, I could really see this as a slick FuZzEd out fit for diddy's white party!! Also looks like something I would have FuZzEd in 02-04.

FuZz in my eye and I can't see!!!!

whats FuZzN world, ya boy Milt~Fresh Best dressed ispeakin to yall on the last day of 08!!!! ain't it wild???!!!! where did the year go!!!??? well we've seen some wild stuff during this year!!!! I look back at older posts from like may or january of 08 and I shake my head at some of this stuff. its funny to see where the year has takin me mentally. some good some bad, but over all they've been powerful learning experiences. I personally want to thank everyone who has been riding with my blog from when ever. First i got to thank my number one fan pookie girl VERONICA!!!! baby girl pushes me and keeps tellin me to write from my soul. Thats my baby, she's the best. Then i'd like to shout out my blog brotha from another motha Karl from dude got style plus he pushes for creativity. Got to respect that. Shout out to Mr. dark who just found out two days ago blogging is the wave of the future!!!! lol! I tried to tell everybody blogging is the best thing that ever happened to me. yo shout out to kenny aka ice who be checkin my blog frequently, dude tells me every sunday he be feelin it!!! really just shout out to any and everyone who comes through. but trust me people, things are just gettin started!!!! great things are in the midst for 2009. i can feel it in my bones. 08 had a rough start, and a harsh middle. but as the year came to a close things got sweeter and sweeter!! oppurtunities started to open up for ya FuZz!! thats the power of jesus christ working on the in my life. we're gonna suffer sometime. life is gonna get rought, but we got to go through it. theres gonna be some haters. theres gonna be false prophets!!! theres gonna be judists with their kiss of death. but we must not let them penitrait our souls!!!! they can take my statis, they can take my style, they can take this body, but they will never take my mind and soul!!!! thats why a cvan't party on new years eve. people knew me for years as mr. nightlife the professional party goer. but i don't play with new years eve. i start the year off right in church. besides, the New Haven club scene is getting so old its not even funny!!!! how many times can dudes kill gotham, vandome, r-bar, and freakin crown street. i remember bein the only black dude in the club. now the lines a full of nothin but hood cats. wild part is the club has found a new way to make more money. change its clientele and demographics! problem is when the wild fist fight or gun fire breaks out they don't know how to handle it!! like i said, the scene in new haven is wack! in my opinion. getting old for me. well any way, trust me we put two years in on this blog people! we got way more to go. more fuzz to show off, morre styles to innovate, more haters to piss off, more knowledge to drop, more everything. just stay tuned!!!!! most of all keep it FuZz!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

City life

Tonight was the first episode of MTV's the Hills spinoff The City, staring former Hills co-star Whitney port!!! Yes, yes, I already know i'm the only hood dude waiting for this. But like I said befor, I love to see white girls get fly, party and look for love all in the same day!!! LOL! After seeing two episodes(on i'm hooked. If your not a watcher of the show let me bring you up to speed. Whitney left LA where she worked at peoples revolution to take a job at working Public Relations for DVF(short for Dian Von fostenburg, huge luxery womens designer, in my opinion rivals Vera Wang). So she moves out there knowing absolutly nobody except for her love interest Jay who is looks like the face of soho and the meat packing disrict, some other sex dude named Alex(who dated her once). Other characters include this chick (forgot her name, she's the quirky roommate) and what looks to be her rival Ms. New York Socialite, Olivia. I'm already loving homegirl. Everything about her screams Saks Fith and Neaman Marcus!!! Thats my type of bird!!!! It's kind of weired seeing this, cause on the hills, Whitney in my opinion was the most fashion foward out of her counter parts(lauren, audreana, and heidi). So it kind of seems like she met her match when dealing with olivia. But, olivia is more established. She's known all over the city, she's in every social party or club, she rocks the sickest clothes, and she throws dinner parties just for fun. You know junk is wild when Manolo Blanik is a family friend. What's going to make this show a favorite of mine is it's very fashion/style oriented than the hills is. What it most definetly showcases is the definitive battle between New York's Uptown and Downtown scenes. To a person like me who hasn't been to New york in ages(but ask me about North Carolina and we'll be here for years), its very interesting. To a person looking in, you see them all as the same thing. Nothing but people who feel they are what style is. But there is a big difference. You have Downtown thrift store junkies and then you have uptown boutique shoppers. Now a days New York Scene becomes a blur sometimes. Especailly when myspace comes into play. But any way I appreciate that when it comes to this show. Other than that you'll see a lot of hurt coming her way. She doesn't know who to trust. Then she finds out that in a city that big, everybody knows everybody. Really thats the case everywhere. Just like New Haven, everybody knows everybody. Nothing new, just shows you how small the world is. Plus you have to be careful of who you deal with. Well any way, you know the $FrEsH-KiNg$ will be a faithful watcher, when i'm not out paining the town green!!!! Or whatever color I like!!! LOL!

Monday, December 29, 2008

hit me on the black jack!!!!

They callin me!!!



Sunday, December 28, 2008

FuZzY Boy!!!

FuZzEd out fit!!!!

I have to give it to Bacardi A.K.A Mr. Dark who crushed this fit. On so so so many levels this brings style back!!! For one Lets start with the detail in the blazer. Love the Lion design on the back. The scarf flows proper and the sweater is also helping matters. But let me get to the feet!!! I go to look down at the feet, and I see the kicks. I almost thought they were Evisu's at first. BUT NO!!!! They're LEVI'S!!! Which made it even better!!!!! Around new haven nobody is rocking Levi kicks!!!! So he smashed the game on em!!!! I give credit where credit is do. You'll have to excuse me, I see style totally differently than the average man would. This is a very innovative look. The blazer and the kicks are what sets this gentleman apart from the masses. A+ on the FuZz game.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stick to what you know!!!

Today while out I did a lil shopping,I came up on these two Enyce Sweaters from four seasons ago(I could tell from the tags). Recently most of the fashion foward community are begining to really look down their noses at many urban apperal brands. in my opinion I can't look down my nose at these brands because brands like Sean John, Enyce, Ecko, Pelle, and kani because those are classic brands that I grew up on. Those brands are still making clothes for the Urban Community that break boundries. They craft items that I can mix into my regular wardrobe and be considered works of art. I go so hard against brands like Ed Hardy and Black Label because they're putting out wild sex items that are trend orientated. They won't be popular by next year. By march something else will take over in their place and they'll be cast into the sea of the forgotten. But it's brands that put out quality items that speak to my style and culture that will be worn upon thy flesh. And these sweaters are no exception. I had to cop these joints.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Diggin the Scene

The City

Fiesso joints are comin for Zota's kneck!!!!!

I don't know what to say, Zota's are still apart of my weaponery but the Fiesso's have to be running kneck and kneck with the Zota's. I'm really feelin the Leoperd print joints!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Johny depp showin the world true FuZz!!!

One thing I like about Johnny depp is he's not afraid to dress the way he wants to dress. A lot of stars in hollywood are too afraid of the fashion police to take risks and chances. Well Johnny is one that does what he wants to do. Yo check out the O.G. Stacy Wingtips!!! Tell me mr. Depp ain't got soul!!! the spats are sick in the second one as well. To me there are only two white guys who have crazy FuZzEd out style. That's johnny Depp and Jack White from the White stripes. Homeboy's got a chicago detroit vibe with the Gators that can't wait!!! What's so hard about these styles on a red carpet event is the Papo's don't know how to handle it. They feel it's to costomy or a look that's unrealistic. So they force the masses to dress like brad or cloney. Like they're so fashion foward. They're great don't get me wrong, but depp and white have a raw take no prisoners edge to style!!!! That's how my style is. And that's needed at these red carpet events. The pics tell the taleof the tape. In a sea of all black custum fit Tux's and black suits, you see this one weird white dude crushin a blue tux or a blue double breasted suit!!! That speaks volumes!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Merry FuZzN Christmas all!!!! Christmas this year is filled with many mixed emotions. This is the first christmas I've spent without my grandmother. For some reason Thanksgiving wasn't as hard, but my fam and I are making it through!!! Hazel is most definetly missed!!! But any way, heres a look at some of the new joints, ya FuZz scored this christmas. Trust this ain't everything neither!! Man everything is going down in this mix!!! Nothin but shoe game!!!! Got the Brown and Tan Stacy Adams Madison Spats!!! The Newspaper print Zota's are going to hurt a lot of feelings when on the feet!!! Then you got the tangerine Vatelli's that are going to cause a riot like we in watts!!!! LOL!!! I slay me!!! Then we have another classic in the brown leather Wallabee Clarks with the Clarks tab on the side(that they bit from GBX joints from back in the day). Plus a brotha had to get right with the Black and white Godfather. A very very very good look for the christmas season!!! Once again it's on!!!! God Bless ya'll Merry Christmas to all!!! FuZz!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Eastlands are still FuZzN sick!!!!!

The only Shoe you would have ever caught a hood dude wearing in 98-99. I remember guys used to wear them with baggy dockers khaki's, a dress shirt hangin out under a Ralph Lauren Polo sweater. It's really hard to beleave hardcore hood dudes would actually dress like this, or even think to wear this type of shoe. I would most def wear them. I wouldn't make it a habit, but Easland puts out good quality shoes.bThese are the type of shoe suggest a man invest in if he;s not trying to make a bold statement.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Swagger Jack move!!!!

I see dude Deitrick Haddon is rockin my Grey hooded Express sweater vest! Can we say swagger Jacked?! LOL! Nah I ain't gonna hate, he's rockin it. I respect his style.

Old Navy Sweater kind of ill

Yo I really don't rock with Oldnavy like that but this sweater is too raw FuZz!!! I might have to look into this joint.

Zota's on my wishlist

Zota's speak for themselves!!!!

Freaks come out in the Daytime part 1000

Remember True Freaks come out in the daytime!!!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


IF I SEE MORE SUCKAZ ROCKIN SOME DEAD PARTY THINKIN THE FRESH, I'M GONNA CHOP SOMEBODY IN THE THROAT!!!! The thing is certain peices are actualy hot. However, the brand lost exclusive edge!!!! You can find DEAD PARTY anywhere!!!! See but brands now a days are lookin at bigger revenue instead of being Exclusive. It makes me sick, everybody's a freakin clone!!!!!!!!! I swear if you rock Dead Party you might as well rock Von Dutch!! Heck the same dude who designes for Dead Party, used to design for Von dutch as well!!!! And the simularities are the same between the two brands!!!

Shout out to Karl at

Yo recently ya boy got a shout from my dudw Karl at If your not familiar with Swagger360 please do yourself a favor and check it out. It's a blog dedicated to what it's namesake is, NOTHING BUT SWAGGER!!! In a nutshell it showcases individuals (on the street or at events),that represent what having Swag is. Where other blogs that do the same have a slanted or biased veiw, this site represents Swag uncut and raw. That's why I appreciate what the dude Karl is doing.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The thoughts of Milt-Fresh

What's FuZzN ya'll Milt-Fresh Best Dressed talkin to ya'll on the first snow storm of the year in CT!!! Forget the snow though, ya FuZz is chillin. Workin hard. As of recently ya boy is feeling very inspired today!!! With the music and the FuZz lots of ideas flowing!!! The bars is tight!!!!! People still comin up to me about guest starring on the early morning mob!!! Joint made an impact!!! And like I told you, it ain't ova!!!! Other than that, we're inching closer and closer to christmas, my favorite time of year. Yes most def for the gifts(i'm still a kid at heart) but most of all for the time to spend with my fam. I must say i've been diggin some new age gospel recently. For many years I've had old school ears. I'm feelin that "I just want to understand" by my dude Dave Hollister. That song has a lot of real truth to it. I'm also feelin the Deitrick Haddon, Ruben, and mary mary track too!! Deitrick Haddon has an ill style I must say. He had the Sick FuZz Denim suit with White trim on the Lapel and on the sides of the pants, when he was on Bobby Jones Gospel one morning. Yo not for nothin, but Jim Jones is really buggin!!! Man talkin slick about Jay and Kanye in the complex mag!!!! I mean to me Jim Jones is just a straight up bitter person on the inside. He's that person Jay rapped about on Streets is watchin "you sellin records bein you but still you wanna be me". It's really sad people go through life being like that with one another. But yet he'll say Jay and Kanye are having a terrible swagg contest. But look how he's dressing in complex!! He's Rockin looks that Jay would actually wear!!!! How much of a sucka move is that??!!! That's why I dig how Jay doesn't really give him much press in interviews. At the end of the day it really doesn't make sense to. Only suckaz resort to slander and mud slingin!!!!! But the real just let the sex assassinate themselves through Karma. It reminds me of the scene in Coming to America where Lisa is describing Akeem's character. Telling him his attitude is above anything petty, almost regal. Not to know the man is a Prince!!!! People know the real!!!! Well thats enough speakin my mind. Hit ya'll up later! Talk to ya'll later!! FuZz!