Wednesday, December 31, 2008

FuZz in my eye and I can't see!!!!

whats FuZzN world, ya boy Milt~Fresh Best dressed ispeakin to yall on the last day of 08!!!! ain't it wild???!!!! where did the year go!!!??? well we've seen some wild stuff during this year!!!! I look back at older posts from like may or january of 08 and I shake my head at some of this stuff. its funny to see where the year has takin me mentally. some good some bad, but over all they've been powerful learning experiences. I personally want to thank everyone who has been riding with my blog from when ever. First i got to thank my number one fan pookie girl VERONICA!!!! baby girl pushes me and keeps tellin me to write from my soul. Thats my baby, she's the best. Then i'd like to shout out my blog brotha from another motha Karl from dude got style plus he pushes for creativity. Got to respect that. Shout out to Mr. dark who just found out two days ago blogging is the wave of the future!!!! lol! I tried to tell everybody blogging is the best thing that ever happened to me. yo shout out to kenny aka ice who be checkin my blog frequently, dude tells me every sunday he be feelin it!!! really just shout out to any and everyone who comes through. but trust me people, things are just gettin started!!!! great things are in the midst for 2009. i can feel it in my bones. 08 had a rough start, and a harsh middle. but as the year came to a close things got sweeter and sweeter!! oppurtunities started to open up for ya FuZz!! thats the power of jesus christ working on the in my life. we're gonna suffer sometime. life is gonna get rought, but we got to go through it. theres gonna be some haters. theres gonna be false prophets!!! theres gonna be judists with their kiss of death. but we must not let them penitrait our souls!!!! they can take my statis, they can take my style, they can take this body, but they will never take my mind and soul!!!! thats why a cvan't party on new years eve. people knew me for years as mr. nightlife the professional party goer. but i don't play with new years eve. i start the year off right in church. besides, the New Haven club scene is getting so old its not even funny!!!! how many times can dudes kill gotham, vandome, r-bar, and freakin crown street. i remember bein the only black dude in the club. now the lines a full of nothin but hood cats. wild part is the club has found a new way to make more money. change its clientele and demographics! problem is when the wild fist fight or gun fire breaks out they don't know how to handle it!! like i said, the scene in new haven is wack! in my opinion. getting old for me. well any way, trust me we put two years in on this blog people! we got way more to go. more fuzz to show off, morre styles to innovate, more haters to piss off, more knowledge to drop, more everything. just stay tuned!!!!! most of all keep it FuZz!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe... No matter What You Know Imma Be Ya Number One Fan. I Feel You On The Church Part. Like I Told My Sister I Started 08 Off In Church And Imma End 08 In Church The Same Rules Apply For 09. Imma Do what I Have To Do This Year Because Somethings Are Really Gonna Change For Me This Year. I'm Gonna Be Moving On To BIGGER And BETTER Things And I Aint Letting No One Stop me Or Get In My Way. The Only Thing I Aint Changing In 09 is My Love for my bookie well the love will get stronger everyday but my bookie will remain in my life. Babe i enjoyed you blogs since you stared them and i will continue to enjoy them keep up the good work and I Love You♥