Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rockin Jordans but Mike don't even dress like you!!!!!

Almost everyday some sex face idiot rolls up to me askin me why I don't wear kicks or why don't wear Jordans? So I start to school em about how Nike and the Jordan empire makes Billions of dollars just off of the whole retro concept. All he does is rerelease old kicks and slap new colors on them to introduce to a new generation of gulable youth and old heads caught up in nistalgia. Besides that, this is the part where every sneaker head wants to fight me!!!!! I tell them, you put all your money into Jordans but the dude who endorses them doesn't dress like the person he's selling his products to. Ain't that somethin? The only time you see Jordan wearing his own kicks is when he's Ballin. Other than that he's suited!!! And might I add he's one of the sickest dressers to grace the hard wood floor. But it kills me when the hood thinks so small minded!!! Don't get me wrong I used to Rock J's in middle school. However, in High School i realized Jordan dresses nothing like the demographic he's selling to. When will you ever see Jordan wearing Red Monkey jeans and the 5's?!!! NEVER YOU SUCKAZ!!!!!!! And he's steadly draining your wic checks and sucking from ya rent money to pay for more suits!!!!! How real is that? Last time I heard it was called capitalism!!!!


Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

Capitalism at its BEST!!!
thanks for tryin' to school the less enlightened.

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Totally Agree, Thats Why I Dont Wear Jordans, I Aint Gonna Be Payin For His Suits And Thangs I Dont Even Know Him lol. But I Swear I Said The Same Thing To My Sister, That All He Does Is Keep Bringing out The Same Sneakers And Changing The Color And These Niggas Still Buying Them Shame Shame Shame