Sunday, May 31, 2009


A while ago Craig 'i'm a style beast' sager graced the FTLF SECTION, this time around i think I found someone who kind of tops Sager's style. That would be NHL announcer Don Cherry. The difference from his style and sagers, is don is into more color combinations. Where Don is more into colors and paterns on his jackets and suits. Which makes him a style beast of all time. What also sets him appart from sager, is he has a facial look that screams don't cross this guy. Sager on the other looks more friendly and approachable. I know the post was supposed to be about Don instead of a compare and contrast. But i feel style wise they mean a lot to the world. I mean it's one thing to have style. You don't really need to dress to do thatt(james dean anyone). it's also another thing to get dressed up. i mean Tiki Barber is a clear represenation of that fact. But what hurts the heart of many individuals is to see a flamboyant dressing male. People cringe with that. O.k. they might can deal with a flamboyant and coloful negro. I mean we've been doing that for years with our red suits and cadillacs. But old white men???? You should be a brooksbrother, not huggy bear!!!! But that's the genius behind it!! They flipped the stereotype on it's head and created their own lane!!! But people can't see past the clothes and into the ideology. The world will be dumb def and blind forever. But I tilts my gofather hat to these men. They have the guts to be themselves and defie the odds.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Zota's gettin work again!!!!

Yeah it's been a min since i've shown dress shoes on this site, wether it be from other pages or joints i've bought on my own. really I hadn't bought an ill pair of dress shoes in a min. My parents say I really don't need to, seeing that my room looks like an exotic dress shoe store. But today after my haircut I went shopping and stumbled into these pair of Coffee/Brass Zota unique pointed toes!! Thyre not the wild off the wall colors that i'm known for sporting, however, they posses enough energy to definetly turn heads. Matter of fact they're the same style make like my red and grey Zota's that I have. The toe on these set themselves apart from other pointed toes through the slant effect. These will most definetly do some damage!!!!!


So I promised I you guys I would show the imfamous dress That my pookie's little sister, Donna wore to the prom. With shoes like that, called for a real regal dress, And if theres a colr that represents regal the best, it is this goldish type color. So I award Lil Donna with the IM STUNTIN ON THESE BIRDS ALL DAY AWARD for this fit, I tilts my godfather hat and raise my glass!!! oh and you sucka cats fall back!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stacy Adams lleather quietly makes noise!!!!

I know it's almost summer, i've always been a fan of leather, especially leather coats. Really i'm a huge fan of coats in general. For outfits that may be more casual cool, I prefer a type of Peacoat. In this case, Stacy Adams murges my two favorite loves together!!! So cool so smooth, I can see tuns of options with this coat. However, my favorite part comes through the huge SA stacy Adams logo located on the top of the back!! Yes I'm a logo freak!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So thankful!!!!

What's FuZzN people!!! Ya boy Milt-Fresh been on the Move crazy for a min, workin and doin what I do best, hurtn these suckaz!! Saw a ill tv interveiw with Kirk Franklyn where he talked about popular opinion vs god's opinion. He spoke of how we as people will pray to god to go platinum or just have the people approve of what we're doing, when we skip over what God feels!!!! Then once we have all of this lavish living we become jaded. what we have means nothing to us anymore. When we take for granted the smaall things like being alive, havin a place to stay, ect. That had to been the most realest interveiw I ever saw, from anybody!!!! It touched me, because i'll be the first to lose sight, but everytime, God brings me back to my senses. I Thank God I made it this far in life. Lookin back at all the things i've been through i'm just blessed to be here. It reminds me of that song, if God doesn't do anything else, you've been good. I like the part that says if I don't ever get to paris or see the ruins, you've still been good. It's a wake up call!!!! Cause it's soooo easy to lose everything!! Don't allow these suckaz into baiting you into keepin up with the jones!!!! You be the jones!!! that goes for me too, because I do a lot of that on this blog. I'm just expressin how I feel up here!!! But i'm leadin by example. plus i'm willin to admitt my faults and change. But the majority is afraid of what they see in the mirror. They might not like what they see. May not even recognise it!! Anyway, count ya blessings!!! Be thankful for the little things!!!

Shoe game is up on a thousand trillion for prom!!!! Go Donna!!!!!!

Usually I don't like to show female shoes up here. Basicly there are already toooooooooooooooooo many sites dedicated to women's shoes. Men need a blue print to go by to get there shoe game up!!!! However, when my Pookie gurl sent me this pic of her lil sister Donna's prom shoes I had to post these!!!! And my pookie gurl picked these out!!!! She's a beast when it comes to the shoe game!! heels for days. Lil Donna gonna hurt some feelin with these!!! Can't wait to see what the prom dress looks like if she when this way with the shoes!! Might show the whole fit on the blog!! Makes me miss my prom!!!! The good old days!!! I still can't get over, how do you have Prom King without me!!!!??? I don't even remeber votng for that junk!!! oh well!!! Have fun Lil D!!!!!

The revolution will not be televised!!!! to FuZzEd for your vision!!!!

This right here is the start of my new wave of destruction on the fashion community. If you really couldn't stand the way I dressed befor, you really won't be able to stand it after this!!!! Wild part is there is more where that came from!!!!! tailor Made Dashiki suits!!!! Ya'll really ain't ready!!1 Watch when you see the full suit on me!!! New Haven is really gonna be angry with me!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It was 2003, just graduated from High School, I'm young, fly, and black!! Graduated best Dressed in my class(To this day that's my most favorite acomplishment). At the same time I was excepted to Southern Connecticut State Universatity. However, I felt i would be able to fair well on campus. Knowing that I had slacker tendecies I felt I would have gotten caught up in the campus drama like many of my peers did that same year. So in order to avoid university trappings, I opted out for Community college for a while. Well enough with the formal crap, I went to GATEWAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE, also known as the 13th grade. Let me tell you, the first day I rolled up in there, I had a blast. It was like the 13th grade for every new haven, west haven, and hamden public high school. Because everybody knew eachother. You had Wilbur Cross, my beloved high school, Hillhouse, Co-op, Eli Whitney, common Ground, Hamden High, East haven High, you name it, it was there. We had cats from cleavland and new york(harlem B lol!!!) that came to play for our basketball team. And what was the 13th grade with out it's share of drama. Drama would start in one or two places. The Cafeteria and 2 the student Government, aka the lounge. The lounge was a hang out where all the low lifes, class dodgers, jump off chicks and the popular hung out. While I was there the lounge would stay open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. so literally cats would be there all day from morning to close. But because of the drama, the he said she said, the hate with groups against eachother, it forced the college life office to limit it's hours. Plus it was a boxing ring, discusion forum, make out spot, bedroom, and ect. Which forced everybody into the cafeteria. Which upset the balance between those who were there to cause mischif and those who are there to study. Talking about it brings back sooooooo many memories. It was just like any other college. You had ya jocksters, posers, pretty girls, atheletes, and then there was me, the registerd fashion plate of the school. People lived to come and pick my brains about fashion, style and clothing. anyway back to the memories. I made many friends and enemies while there. I also met the love of my life in those very halways. YES THATS RIGHT MY POOKIE VERONICA ATTENDED GATEAY TOO!!! Matter of fact, the pics of the double red doors and the heater were our two favorite spots(I'll leave it as that, wink wink! LOL). Education wise, I have nothing bad to say about this place. I would put Gateway up against any other University in the world. Because teachers made sure they challehged the thought process. My favorite classes were the English classes, the psychology classes, the communications courses, all that!!! The classes that forced me to think. Many of mornings I looked foward to walking in these classrooms to do battle with my teachers. Because I was ready to start an arguement!!! I remember saying the word Nigga in a presentation about working with inner city youth in new haven during my African American History class. The whole room got quiet!!! Man you had to figure my teacher was super militant, panther, and felt the young generation was filled with gangsters and bling blingers. He used to always make sly comments about young guys thinking they're pimps players and superfly. The whole classroom, would turn around and look at me, cause they knew he was directing his comments to me. But by the time of that report, he had a new found respect for me. By the end of the class we respected one another, because he knew I wasn't going to back down!!! I see that man to this day and we talk frequently. But I was glad to have that experience. It was experiences like those that made me a person. Helped shape my trend of thinking. Helped keep me on my toes. Or like my early childhood studies course, that was filled with nothing but scornful women and two other males and was taught by a scorned woman that i like to call witchy poo!!!! That woman was crazy!!! But, I had to stay sharp and my toes at all times when dealing with her!!!! She was the type to go back and dig up dirty laundry!!!! But I loved every min of it. What I liked the most was going to the north Haven Campus(forgot to mention there were two different campuses, one in new haven and one in the deep back woods of North haven). i used to love getting on the shuttle bus making that trip in the mornings to get to a class. Best thing about north haven was you actually got work done. New haven's campus is where the action took place. North Haven was quiet, you could actually hear yourself think. Which was a gift and a curse. Anyway i was there from 2003-december 07. my last semester it didn't feel right. i felt like I outgrown my stay there. The people who were there at one point finally dropped out, a new breed of so called hip kids were coming in trying to muscle their way in for respect. Very beligerent acting. By then I considered myself and old man amongst this sea of children. At the time I was only 22. But I felt so old. I mean our school was filled with older people in their 30's 40's and 50's, some even in their 90's trying to receive a degree. But I really felt I had out grew this stage in life. For one it wasn't fun because most cats were tryin to creep up on chicks to bag. Me I already had my queen. I had way more than enough credits to graduate with my associates degree. The only person holding me back was me. So by the end of that semester I called it quits and graduated. Many who came in with me didn't make it or are still working towards. I'm just blessed I had the oppurtunity to attend. With any school you go to, be it a technical school, university, or comm cllege, the choice to attend class and study is in your hands. theres always gonna be a band of those who come to just have a good time. I know because I was apart of the good time. However, when it was time for class, I cut the good time aloose and went to work. when i came out the good time was right where i left it. I may not have invested time into studying, but i was definetly a hard worker. in order to make it anywhere you just have to put ya best foot foward.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Skull Gang!!!!

In the latest quest for the pursuit of the sex, money, and drugs life style of a RockStar, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana can be noted for starting another trend. yes what is known as the skulled out all over print bandanas. They've been seen sporting them on the cover of xxl magazine and in the dreams rocking that thang remix. Yes very different from the red bandanas that signaled their ties to the 9 tre bloods. but what's funny is the Bandanas are made from the very exclusive fashion house Alexander McQueen!!!! To be honest these bandanas don't even look like they cost over five dollars!!! Maybe it's because they rock em hood. I have a theory about items. Depending on whose wearing the item, the individual has the power to make or break it. If Pharrell or kanye wore these joints people would be killing themselves to have one. however, with Jimmy and juelz they make them look like $5.99 bandanas you can get a black woman's hair care store in the hood. MJaybe it's because they rock em hood? And you know what, that's they're whole intent. They're trying to represent for the hood. but the bandanas don't convey the luxury of Alexander McQueen. I know i'm harsh!!!!


Definetly Steve Harvey is a style legend!!!! Ain't no joke. Definetly love this outfit. He didn't go all the way with the matchin pants. At times it's not needed depending on the event!! However me, it's whenever I feel like it!!! But come on Steve I would have never went bald his fro was on point!!!!! But i'll say this, the shades help balance the whole situation. It even makes bald head look not so bad

Friday, May 22, 2009

Express ya selves!!!! Logod out wallet!!!!

Now I'm not big on wallets because I like my money in my pockets. However this Express Leather wallet would definetly change my mind asap!!!! As you know I come out of the logo era!!! Got have the logo on everything. So seeing Express plasterd all over it, is up my alley.

Classic style, from Donell Jones

Yo remember around a spand of 99-2002 Donell Jones was known as one of the Best Dressed R&B stars in the industry. To be reeal he was one of my favorite style icons that I looked up to when it came to getting dressed. He definetly was a huge hat man. Wasn't afraid to crush a wide brim real greezy!!!! See but he was smooth, very playerish, reminiscent of Chi-town. I can still remember the white suit he had on in the where I wanna be video with just the white vest, white pants, shades and a white wide brim joint!!! Donell was a style beast in his own right!!! I liked him because no matter what he would go hard at every event. Now recently i'm not a fan of his attire. To me he goes for a more relaxed look. Dead Party t-shirts(ed hardy) and track Jackets with fitteds. And thats to freakin awards shows. I understand people are on this whole "NOT TRYING THING",but to me it really really looks bad!!! Theres a way not to try and theres just come on son, you could have went harder, specially knowing niggaz full potential!!! I know there are days i may say lets throw a suit on with some boat shoes, with a wide brim, but It sill looks like effort was put into it. i just didn't say ok im putting on a hoody and coming out!!! TThought was put in it!!!!! Jones really needs to find out where he wants to be and come back and crush these youngns!!! Well not really!!! Neyo took over where he left off!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stacy Adams Brios is mean in the coral!!!!!

In recent postings of shoes, it's been a while since i've showed dress shoes. No I haven't abandoned them, i've simply decided to freak more casual shoes with suits. It takes more to dress up a casual shoe. But the brighter the shoe, the more dressy the look. With that being said, the Stacy Adams Brios are definetly mean in the coral color. really I would call it more of a salmon color. Those joints would definetly go great with a black suit and a salmon color dress shirt and tie. I could definetly see an old school dude freakin these with a two peice white linen and matching silk crew kneck shirt at a summer oldeies party. Definetly would rock these

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sunday I bought two for pookie and I. I couldn't beleave how nasty that joint is!!!! Tastes like coffee and mud mixed with whiped cream and chocolate!!! Mad Nasty!!!!! Yo MARKETING IS A MOTHA!!! MCDONALDS NEEDS TO BE ASHAMED OF THIS MESS!!!! They knew by putting Dwele in the commercial they brought a new air of cool to the Mcafe joint!!!! But what they did was over hyped a disguisting product!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The usual Suspects!!!!

Holla, it's ya ya FuZz Milt-Fresh Stuntin live today!!!!. You see my boy Hovie the great. Trust you don't want it with him when it comes to the jokes. His words cut like a two edge sword. Any way I just want everybody to understand my stunt game is gonna get even sicker. If they hate me now they really gonna hate me in weeks to come. FuZz!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Now they catch on!!!! Tell these suckaz catch up!!!!!

I always trends always suck when they hit the hood. Well it seems Fred Perry duffle bags have finally hit the pages of Hip Hop weekly. For all my readers of the milt-Fresh Experience know i've been goin hard with Fred Perry bags since 07. Most hip-hop magazines are striving to keep the retail consomers on the cutting edge of what's hot, hip, and different. Really they've decided to hit Urban Outfitter's website and are trying to introduce the brand to a different type of user. But what will kill me is nif I see Fred Perry in the hood. Well other than me rockin the bag. I remember people used to come up to me asking whose Frperry.

I've seen the promise land!!!

At times when i'm goin through problems and trials in my life, I often wonder how heaven will be. A place where theres no more pain, no more suffering, no evil in our mitts. At times I get caught up in the fleshly side of this world and i may get caught up in it's trappings. But after a while when things come crashing down, and your left alone, theres no one else to call on it, Jesus is always standing there. Man it's wild, i've stood off of the rocks and looked of Long Wharf, and have seen paradise. But in the end it's really fantasy. You might think what i'm saying is crazy because i'm calling something that already exists a fantasy. But in essence it really is. These paradise places try to communicate a safe and peaceful image. But you could be killed and murderd in these same spots. So in actuallity they bring us an even more false sense peace and safety. But The idea of heaven makes my heart extatic. The flesh of this world is just a fantasy. But the idea of heaven becomes more and more real day by day. I mean think about ladies and gentlemen. I know everybodyhas their own philosophy on where our souls go when we die. But, If you think about the life the person lived there is a feeling that many are living life in peace. I can't change how people feel about heaven. But it feels great knowing there is a place that is safe we can go to.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Holla if you hear me!!!!

What's FuZzN yall, just Milt-Fresh comin to say what's up!!! Been goin hard on these suckaz recently with the FuZz game. And trust it's going to get worst. The world isn't ready for what will transpire!!!! A lot of hate out here as well. But people I got to let you know i'm the chosen one!!!!! No great man who stood for a powerful purpose didn't have to go through their share of hate to get their point across!!!! Martin Luther King died for equality. Jesus died so that man would be set free!!!! But lil old Milt-Fresh a product of the Hillside slums is on the move to show the world

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rollin hard in 2011

This blog ain't car friendly like that, but once in a while I do like to post joints that prove to be monumental. so meet the 2011 The Cadillac CTS Wagon. Ain't stop to read about it features. i really don't have to because this prootype speaks for itself. I can see many bigtimers rollin heavy in this joint. however, say what you want, nothin is more liver than seeing fly dudes ridin in whips that are from past years. It's still tough to cop a car and trade it in for the car of that year. However, people have learned about leasing, so in a sense your really renting that particular car for ex amount of years. But it's ill stepping out in a 2001. 99, 98, 95 and under. it makes an ill statement. but to each their own. The CTs is still gonna kill em and 2011 ain't even here yet.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For the Love of the FuZz: Dr. Bobby Jones

Once again were back with For the Love of the FuZz segment of the Milt-Fresh Exprience. I have to say befor we go into it, I really love the For the Love of the FuZz joints. I'm able to high light the individuals in life or in entertainment that exhibits true style. In that manner I bring forth to you Dr. Bobby Jones the host of one of the longest running shows on cable television, Bobby Jones Gospel. Every sunday Morning i love to turn to BET to see what of suit he's wearing today. one day he might go Window payne plaid, next sunday he might go pin-striped, after that he might go with a red blazer and matching tie Quartet style, blindboys on em!!! His style represents that over the old school black southern baptist preacher o deacon!! I don't want to say dressing like this is all the wau out, because it's not. There are old school dudes who still rock like this. Then if your a young man growing up, this is how young black men dress when attending a ball or homecoming. Don't frown your nose like this is kind of sorta uncililized. Blacks have been dressing like this for years. It's just because of the ushering in of the grown and sexy we've finally learned what bespoke is!!! But thank god there are gentlemen like Bobby Jones who stays true to this art of dressing. along side him, steve Harvey and J Anthony Brown who still put it down for old school stuntin. I tilts my Godfather hat to these men.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Milt-Fresh live from New Haven!!!!

Yo got to bop like this, I wear wide leg pants so my knots will fit!!! LOL!! Got the wine red color og stacy adams madisons on. Old school dudes know the deal with those!!! Wine red dashiki top is drapped up correct!! Yellow Stacy Adams summer driver cap is tiled right!!! To FuZz on em!!!!! I call it Wine and bannana!!!!

jasmine got that Gurl next door appeal!!!!

Now I don't watch this mtv's taking the stage, like that, I've watched one or two episodes. But jasmine was the person who caught my eye from the jump. from first glance she has that whole girl next door vibe goin on. Plus on top of that she's a very graceful dancer. That's all i'm saying and i must end there. Well maybe i won't. She looks like the type of chick that would have attended Hamden High or Wesh Haven high back in the day. Ok, maybe career high!!! New Haven cats know what i'm talkin bout!!! LOL!! yeah pookie, I said it!!

Rick ross goes so hard!!

CO or no CO, Rick Ross has proven time and time again that he is a style giant. this is my opinion, but he's one person that I don't mind hearing them say uses a stylist. Thats big of me to say because I hate when celebs use stylists. But its real because Ross really has good style. Even when he's wearing a fitted and a T-shirt he still brings an air of hood luxery too the situation. I like his miniture video he released "kiss the pinky ring curley" where he taunts 50 cent. even in the midst of the eef he finds time to show off his fresh style. He has a sick baby blue MCM Logo biker jacket. Plus that paten leather jacket. the wheat color MCM wallet and a host of other joints. "you dress so bad we be laughin at ya adds.' 50 does dress bad1!!! Not to mention he's a big gentleman that looks great in a suit. I mean in his latest video with the dream he breaks out a white joint, but also takes it a step further with a red suit and pink dress shirt. My baby girl pookie alerted me about it. red suit is nothing new in the hood. I myself have been wearing red suits since the 8th grade. however, the way rick ross wears it is very slick and cool with the collar open. Whichleads me to the album cover in which yes he looks like a mogul, a straight up boss!!! Some might say the pokadot thing might be a lil kwameish!!! But he pulls it off with such elegance!!! Ladies and gentlemen he's the biggie of our time.