Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So thankful!!!!

What's FuZzN people!!! Ya boy Milt-Fresh been on the Move crazy for a min, workin and doin what I do best, hurtn these suckaz!! Saw a ill tv interveiw with Kirk Franklyn where he talked about popular opinion vs god's opinion. He spoke of how we as people will pray to god to go platinum or just have the people approve of what we're doing, when we skip over what God feels!!!! Then once we have all of this lavish living we become jaded. what we have means nothing to us anymore. When we take for granted the smaall things like being alive, havin a place to stay, ect. That had to been the most realest interveiw I ever saw, from anybody!!!! It touched me, because i'll be the first to lose sight, but everytime, God brings me back to my senses. I Thank God I made it this far in life. Lookin back at all the things i've been through i'm just blessed to be here. It reminds me of that song, if God doesn't do anything else, you've been good. I like the part that says if I don't ever get to paris or see the ruins, you've still been good. It's a wake up call!!!! Cause it's soooo easy to lose everything!! Don't allow these suckaz into baiting you into keepin up with the jones!!!! You be the jones!!! that goes for me too, because I do a lot of that on this blog. I'm just expressin how I feel up here!!! But i'm leadin by example. plus i'm willin to admitt my faults and change. But the majority is afraid of what they see in the mirror. They might not like what they see. May not even recognise it!! Anyway, count ya blessings!!! Be thankful for the little things!!!

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