Thursday, May 7, 2009

any where but here

Recently i've tried to stay away from the real emotional posts that express my most deepest and honest feelings. I try to keep it to nothin but that pure unadulterated FuZz. However, the thing about bein FuZz, is not bein afraid to say what's on ya mind, when everybody else is caught up in that suckaism!!!! all the way up to 08, i used to keep journals and write down my thoughts and feelings. However, since I started blogging this has become my major outlet for getting my thoughts and feelings out. Wild part is i can put out my thoughts and feelings to the masses instead of keeping them confined to the notebook. However, there are some feelings that have to stay confined to the notebook. but because of time constraint I don't get the time to do so. But anyway. this week the FuZz has been on some me against the world type junk. Mainly because i'm begining to see suckaz for what they really are. Bunch of blood sucking parasites. But even aside from people, i think i can get pass that, because at the end of the day people are only mere flesh. We are drowning in imperfection. it's just life is weired. sometimes you really feel like just staying to yourself or just surrounding yourself with only the closest people who trully understand. Then even with that you might wish to opt out for being on your own. man i tell you the best bet at times like these you need to just look yourself in a room and pray. because with what's waiting for you when step outside your door is enough to bring you to your knees. Yeah Milt-fresh best dressed one of the most flyest most materialistic cats is tellin you that there are times when it's time out for all that junk. suckaz won't say that junk to you cause they don't want to let people know how they really feel. Man around this time last year I was dealinn with imitators and suckaz who were standin on the outside lookin in, hatin and watchin my every move. Man this time around suckaz is usin all type of wild warfare. Trust the serpent travels in all shapes and forms. And if your blinded by the smoke and mirrors of this world you'll never see it. At times you need these type of moments to put life in perspective. were living in the times where unity once dwelled. Now everybody is going for self. Everybody is intune with their own thoughts and feelings. The next person's doesn't matter. No honor, no respect. The hard part is I wish to show the world how to be. but like jesus I come to my own and my own received me not. But trust. this world has not sen the last of the king. The world can go to hell in a hand basket. I'm going to continue to keep it FuZzY.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow babe That Was Deep. I Really Enjoyed Reading that More than Most Of my Books. I Can Agree With you on This I have My Own moments Where I need To Lock Myself In My Room And Be To myself. But great Job On This One babe