Sunday, May 10, 2009

For the Love of the FuZz: Dr. Bobby Jones

Once again were back with For the Love of the FuZz segment of the Milt-Fresh Exprience. I have to say befor we go into it, I really love the For the Love of the FuZz joints. I'm able to high light the individuals in life or in entertainment that exhibits true style. In that manner I bring forth to you Dr. Bobby Jones the host of one of the longest running shows on cable television, Bobby Jones Gospel. Every sunday Morning i love to turn to BET to see what of suit he's wearing today. one day he might go Window payne plaid, next sunday he might go pin-striped, after that he might go with a red blazer and matching tie Quartet style, blindboys on em!!! His style represents that over the old school black southern baptist preacher o deacon!! I don't want to say dressing like this is all the wau out, because it's not. There are old school dudes who still rock like this. Then if your a young man growing up, this is how young black men dress when attending a ball or homecoming. Don't frown your nose like this is kind of sorta uncililized. Blacks have been dressing like this for years. It's just because of the ushering in of the grown and sexy we've finally learned what bespoke is!!! But thank god there are gentlemen like Bobby Jones who stays true to this art of dressing. along side him, steve Harvey and J Anthony Brown who still put it down for old school stuntin. I tilts my Godfather hat to these men.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Love Dr. Bobby Jones I Am The Same way Sunday If Im Lucky enough To CAtch It i Love To turn to see what he wearing that brotha be sharp lol.