Sunday, March 30, 2008

MIlT-FRESH aka FuZzY JOHNSON the FRED PERRY duffle bag boy

Yo, while the rest of the woorld is kissin Louis Vuttion's butt cheeks I've decided to get on some new ish!! Don't get me wrong Loui is always the best in accessory goods. However, there is new blood in the bag bussiness. Meet the Fred Perry duffle bag. I've been rocking with them for about 5 mounths now and I must say they are an attenton grabber. Number one question is, whose Fred Perry, well he's a known street wear designer out of london whose known for making hoody's, sweaters, polo's ane ect. But what stands out the most is his Line of bags. In fact the bags are the most flashy out of his whole line. six mounths ago he had a sick brown leather messenger bag that had his name plasterd on it. Well anyway that's enough teaching for one day. MILT-FRESH signing off!!!!


Today I was talkin to my boys Hovi and Kenny about the state of our beloved ELM CITY, (known to more outsiders as New Haven). Over the years like any other city across America we see our share of street brawls, murders, and robberies. However, the youth who are the successers to this hood glory are lacking respect for the o.g.'s of yester year. These kids are so hell bent in trying to create a name for themselves until they are aiming to murder innocent people at Random. Many would love to say that because they're from low income neighborhoods and many fall behind the poverty line, that's the reason for the violence. However, todays low income families are living better than most middle class families. If you go to any jects in the elm city you'll see Escalades, Hummers, Navigators and other quote on quote luxery vehicles parked outside. Do to technology changing day by day, every kid has the latest sidekick3 or mp3 player right when it hits the market. Plus don't forget a pair of Air Jordans laced to profection on their feet. So let us not use being under privilaged or disadvantaged as a factor in this situation. See what happens is since today's generation is equiped with such and having everything at their grasp, they tend to feel they know it all. They feel they don't have to listen to anybody. Not even the trail blazers that made it possible for them to carry that pistol. Now i'm no where near a gangsta, gang banga or what have you. However, I've been around the streets long enough to know there are unspoken rules and laws to abide by. The hoodlems of today are breaking every law possible. See what they're also trying accomplish is to recreate the 80's, a time period in which was filled with crack deals, drive by shooting and gang affiliation. But, for New Haven our worst years weren't during the 80's, they were around the early 90's when the gangs had structure, they had a higherarchy system, soldiers, runners and look out. But, from the 90's all the way up to this ver day, every star of the block has fallen victum to the visious cycle. Either getting locked up and going to jail or being shot and killed. All the kids want to hear about are the shoot outs and fist fights that occured around the time. I mean even the concept of getting fresh has drifted far from their thoughts. I mean it used to be so, that the neighborhood hustler was glorified for being able to push dimes to put fresh kicks on their feet, fresh clothes on their backs and just plain old keeping the lights on in the crib. But see to these kids, new sneakers are a givin. Back in the day when high priced sneakers were first introduced, mommy wasn't paying for $100 kicks. So the average 13 or 14 year old either had to wish for an increase in allowance or get out their and serve fiends. But today, the poorest family can get sick kicks to put on the average 13 or 14 year olds feet so that's not the issue. It's like Jay said in money, cash, hoes; it's the sex, murder and mayhem, the romance for the street. I mean, as a person who works with kids I usually compare how my cohorts and I were to the ones coming up now and I just shake my head. You can tell the difference in what we used to look up on the computer vs what they look up. Not to long ago, when I was in the 6th grade we used to look up sneaker sites and clothing sites. We used to live on EBAY and niketown. However, these kids are googling hand guns and semi automatics.They used to say during the 90's and the early 00's that we were too materialistic, we were walking bill boards drapped up in Tommy Hilfigure, Nautica, and Ralph Lauren. Now they exchanged the devil for the wich by turning our children into nothing but natural born killers.

Monday, March 24, 2008


From the latest offering from Jim Jones's Harlem's American Gangster mixtape is the single, "don't love me no more". Usually when I think of Jim Joes, he's that dude who you love to hate. I mean maybe if he wasn't acting hard for no reason, I grow to like him!!! Or maybe if he could rap about something else more than harlem and drug dealing(oh I forgot, that's what makes him rich)!! But yo, I must say, I love that new joint!!! Whoever styled it did a superb job. Oh and Mr. Jones' prada shades are sick Hot FuZz(I saw them junks at the eye doctor). That red leather that juelz had on was so mean!!!!! But the biggest conversation peices from the video are the Loui and Gucci scarves that they sport on top of their heads. I must say this is a trend that I love. Problem is in six months dudes will be rockin 3 dollar louis vuitton scarves from the dollar store trying to be like them!!! LOL!! Just like they did with the louis Vuitton scarvs around the kneck!!! You know what, I love how these rappers are setting trends with the same brands. Kanye and Pharrell hit us with the Luxery scarves around the kneck. Then Jim Jones and juelz show us new ways to rock a scarf on our heads. I can't front Dip-set has been timeless with introducing trends to the world since 02 when came hit the roc.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


yeah ya'll today I had to kill on Easter Sunday with the pink. They ain't know what to do with me!!!! CATCH UP NIGGAZ!!!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: Kenny Burns

Now you may be saying to yourself, who in the world is Kenny Burns. Well you are looking at the originator of the "Grown and Sexy" movement. Yeah, I said it, the originator!!!!! O.K. befor you guys start hurling stones at me, I will say, yes it was Jay-z who was at the forefront of the sartorial trend. However, it was this man who lent a hand to dear hova to spark a new revolution. Mr. Burns is 1/3rd of the genius behind the Ryan Kenny clothing line, the ones who pionered the whole button down trend. Never seen a stitch from Ryan Kenny collection? Well Jay was sporting Ryan Kenny button downs in the Change cloths video and in the Dirt off ya shoulder joint. Besides fashion, the light skinned tastemaker serves as a promoter for parties and also has his hands in promoting rappers. He also has worked for Rocafella records and had a hand in braking Jay-z's classic, reasonable dout. He is currently serving as the host of BET's Black Celebrety Poker Tourniment(Which that man is killin em with the FuZz game). But enough with that man's credentials!!! Do you see his style!!!!?? Do you see those FuZzN Shoes!!! Those have MILT-FRESH Written all over them!!! To me, this man represents what it means to be HOOD RICH!! When Isay tha, I don't mean selling some nickle Bags and taking your profits to cop a honda with rimbs!! What i'm talking about is being able to rep your hood and still carry an air of class. If I can take this time out I want to expound a lil bit. See as a person who works with youth on an everyday basis, they tend to express that because they are from the inner city that gives them the green light act any way they please. Some where down the line between D-Block yellin about leavin dudes cerebellums on the side walk, and jim jones screamin out ballin, our youth had taken their message out of context. They don't know when to turn it off and turn it on. B Guys like Kenny Burns are showing you can be from the ghetto but you don't have to wallow in the miserey of Ghetto life. That's what I try to show the children at my job. I'm from the same crime infested neighborhood, i've had friends and family killed, i've had attempts on my own life. But yet and still I do not allow it to dictate who I am as a person. My bad ya'll I had a lot on my mind.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Now me being a a collector and lover of men's dress shoes, I have to stay up on the season's hottest looks. As we all now Stacy Adams is one of the leading men's dress shoe brands for decades, YADA, YADA, YADA!!!! We already know that. However, the winter months I feel they let me down. Like I said befor, they tried their best to be taken more serious with their suit and hat lines, until their shoe game was put on the back burner. By the way I love Melvin from baby boy as the face for stacy adams!!! LOL!!! (I'm not trying to be funny when I say that). Luckly this spring, thjey have a wide variety for a young man with a flashy taste. But, word on the FuZz these shoes restored my faith in Stacy Adams' shoes line.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

life in the hills!!!! with lauren conrad!!!

Now everybody who knows me, knows I am a faithful viewer of MTV's the Hills. What can I say, I like to see fly white girls party hard, go shopping and look for love all in the same day. Now if you not a weekly watcher like I am, you may have heard about the highly publisized fued between the ex best friends Lauren Conrad and Hiedy(I forgot her last name). I mean when I first started watchin the show, it was hard to beleve that they were actualy fighting over silly stuff. Lauren(the chick in the pics) doesn't like Hiedy's boyfriend spencer. Spencer doesn't like lauren. Hiedy didn't like Lauren's ex boyfriend jason. Hiedy's boyfriend spencer was mad at his best friend broady for still hangin out with lauren. Ya everybody was mad sex. The thing that would piss me off about the show is, the chicks would be dressed to kill in a dress, heels and sick purse in the middle of the day and these dudes is lookin like they just stepped off the beach from catchin some waves!!!! I hate that!!! Look llike you actually put some effort into ya wardrobe!!! Well anyway, it's funny how the show is centerd around the fashion industry, because of Lauen and whitney(the other chick in the pic) are interns at teen vogue. A magazine that I do buy frequently(sidebar, this may come as a shock but teen vogue is way better than that sorry men's vogue magazine they're tryin to push!!!). If I may single out Lauren for a moment, three or four years ago nobody knew who Lauren Conrad was. She was just a high school girl from Luguna Beach. but with her internship at teen vogue, plus the exposure from the show, she's a tabloid name. She's made it on talk shows like Rachel Ray, Regis and kelly, Jimmy kimmel and ect. plus she just launched her fashion show for LA FASHION WEEK. And from what I saw here line has some nice luxery peices.Sick dresses, classy hats, I was really feelin it. besides that she's made a name for herself as trendsetter. I dig her style all together anyway, see lauren's my mistress now!!!LOL!! Habe ya'll seen hose legs in her dresses? And her smile is to die for!!! I mean once you go white, you'll always be keepin it tight!!! LOL! She's my mistress in hollywood. June Ambrose is my second wife. I just filed the divorce papers for raven!!! LOL!! But Roni will always have my heart!!!!


Yes we are living in an age where hip-hop has been reduced to nothing more than repetitive dance steps named after corny super heros. It's hard trying to find rappers that represent what the true foundation of what B.I.G and Pac have brought to existence. However, the dude who I think has enough star power to bring us out of this line dancing crayze is Rick Ross. Today he drops his latest album trilla, and I've been waitin for it forever. I mean the first single "i'm speedin" with R-kelly is freakin sick. But this new joint with T-pain "boss".!! THAT JUNK IS SOME FuZzN SERIOUS OFF THE WALL HARDCAORE BALLER KINGPIN TYPE JOINT!!!!! That beat is some junk that you just sit back and zone out to while you on ya FuZzY Fly junk!!!Man if I had to have so theme music playin in the backgroung while I walk, it would be that. But what I love most of all is Rick Ross's style. I mean, i've said it on this blog befor, He is the 08 biggie. I mean he can really dress for a big dude. I mean look at the i'm speedin video. Even though the reincarnation of MCM's clothing line(through dapper dan) has been over done by the masses, but he kills it with that red mcm jacket(like the tan one in the second pic) and the chucks. I'm still diggin the yellow jacket, jeans, and air force one outfit he had on at the BET hip-hop awards 2 or 3 years ago. This man's shades game is so versitile. I'm talkin Louis Vuitton Millionares, Gucci's, D&G's. And the chain with his face on it is out of this world. That takes the award for the sickest chain of the year!!!! Yo this is one of those situations where I wonder who is really at work with his look. The stylist or himself? But never the less, rick ross is the man. I cosign him any day.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The flyest white boy out!!!!!

Yo need I say more about scott storch? Car game, sick!!! Jewelry game, out of this world!!!! He doesn't do the normal rapper bling. he does a classy type of bling. Classy diamond chains, sick rings. Now that I say something about it, he's like a white diddy. Diddy does a diamond chain, he cops one. Diddy gets a canary yellow ring, he gets one too. Don't even talk about them trading yauts!!!! I'll be there one day!! But, one thing I don't think diddy could mess with is that freakin car collection!!! Yo piano man ain't doin too bad for himself!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Yo I saw that mos def, talib kwali and common joint twice last week(the name in which this entry is titled.yo, not for nothin but that's how I feel sometimes. I be havin too much on my mind until I can't see straight. I mean things get tough on the job. People don't understand ya message. Got a whole city on ya ball sack. I can't front though, past two days have been excellent. Chilled out with my partner in this FuZz game Peeps gunna at his curch's poetry night joint. That junk was live!!! Made me want to spit some sick poetry. Made me want to go back and tighten up my bars. But back on this life junk, it's too crazy. I guess niggaz got to pray some more. That's the only solution that can clear junk up. Man, the thing that makes life so weired is, at the moment it seems like it's too hard to bare!!!! but when you look back at it a month from then, you shake ya head because in all actuality it wasn't that bad. life is only hard because at the moment you can't see a way out. The future hasn't been revealed to you, so we freak out because we don't know our out come. It's like walking through a dark street with a blind fold on. Now you really can't see your way cause you have two strikes against you. You have a blind fold on and if you remove it it's still dark. But when you make your destination, you can look back and shake ya head at walking blind folded in a dark area. How god took you through your journy and you made it home safe!!!! You know what ya'll I guess i'm speakin to me this morning.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Hearing the name Teyana Tailor, we usually think of big haired girl sweet sixteen. However, we are looking at one of the most talented and stylish young prodies of our day. Signed to Pharrell's star track record label, she provs to be that of a triple threat. Singer, rapper and most of all dancer. Beleave it or not, she's attributed with pushing the chicken noodle soup dance to the forefront. She also helped out beyonce with moves for the I can't let you go joint. You can also check her in Jay-z's blue magic killin it. She will also be on tuesday's rip the runway. And from some of these photos, they havin me say she can't be sixteen!!!! LOL!! On the real she my favorite out of these new age teen sensations. LIL MAMA AIN'T SEEIN HER!!!! YEAH I sAID IT!!!!


Told ya, i've been doin this since my high school days, really longer than that!!! I am the 2003 JAMES HILLHOUSE HIGHSCHOOL BEST DRESSED AWARD WINNER. Bare witness to the greatest!!!


When our eyes are catching glimpses of the styles that Hip-Hop celebs are sporting, we tend to give to credit to said MC. I mean, it does take balls to pull of some of these different looks. However, most celebs don't have the time to put together a serious chic look, that makes a statement. This is where the Celebrity stylist comes in. I mean if you like being told what to wear that's cool. However, I'm not a 5 year old. But, if I was I would love to be style by this sexy speciman of a female, he lovely JUNE AMBROSE. She's hip-hop's Rachel Zoe, minus creating carbon coppies of herself. She's styled for the likes of Jay-z, diddy, mario, and ect. She's even noted for the style direction, in the kanye and pharrell joint "number one".You can also check out her stylings this tuesday on the most anticipted event on BET in the begining of 08, RIP THE RUNWAY!!!! Yo on the real I think i'm in love. Since raven divorced me, this is my new wife!!! LOL!!


yes ladies and gentlemen it's true, ya boy milt-fresh has thrown his hat in the running for Esquire Magazines Best dressed real man in America. So I need your votes. Tell every one you know. Go to, click on the Best dressed real man in America Icon, then go to their Search engine ane type in milto B, yeah my official government. You can also vote on facebook. THANK YOU BABY GIRL RONI FOR HOLDIN ME DOWN!!!!! THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY ELSE WHO VOTED!!!! right now im up to 130votes. But I need way more. So help a brotha out. lets show the rest of the world what true style is all about!!!!