Friday, March 21, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: Kenny Burns

Now you may be saying to yourself, who in the world is Kenny Burns. Well you are looking at the originator of the "Grown and Sexy" movement. Yeah, I said it, the originator!!!!! O.K. befor you guys start hurling stones at me, I will say, yes it was Jay-z who was at the forefront of the sartorial trend. However, it was this man who lent a hand to dear hova to spark a new revolution. Mr. Burns is 1/3rd of the genius behind the Ryan Kenny clothing line, the ones who pionered the whole button down trend. Never seen a stitch from Ryan Kenny collection? Well Jay was sporting Ryan Kenny button downs in the Change cloths video and in the Dirt off ya shoulder joint. Besides fashion, the light skinned tastemaker serves as a promoter for parties and also has his hands in promoting rappers. He also has worked for Rocafella records and had a hand in braking Jay-z's classic, reasonable dout. He is currently serving as the host of BET's Black Celebrety Poker Tourniment(Which that man is killin em with the FuZz game). But enough with that man's credentials!!! Do you see his style!!!!?? Do you see those FuZzN Shoes!!! Those have MILT-FRESH Written all over them!!! To me, this man represents what it means to be HOOD RICH!! When Isay tha, I don't mean selling some nickle Bags and taking your profits to cop a honda with rimbs!! What i'm talking about is being able to rep your hood and still carry an air of class. If I can take this time out I want to expound a lil bit. See as a person who works with youth on an everyday basis, they tend to express that because they are from the inner city that gives them the green light act any way they please. Some where down the line between D-Block yellin about leavin dudes cerebellums on the side walk, and jim jones screamin out ballin, our youth had taken their message out of context. They don't know when to turn it off and turn it on. B Guys like Kenny Burns are showing you can be from the ghetto but you don't have to wallow in the miserey of Ghetto life. That's what I try to show the children at my job. I'm from the same crime infested neighborhood, i've had friends and family killed, i've had attempts on my own life. But yet and still I do not allow it to dictate who I am as a person. My bad ya'll I had a lot on my mind.

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