Saturday, May 31, 2008

HIM by Milton E. Brown, Jr aka Milt-Fresh

Him was conceived by the father of hate and mother of jealousy. So if you dislike what you see of him, just know you created Him. You and Him are cousins, but yet the two of you go to war like the Hatfeilds and the Macoys. Devils with your pitchforks wish to peirce him's heart and cause him pain. Oh how you would love to see him's blood spilled on him's white Mink coat!!!! But understand you spineless wimps you'll never take him alive!!!! You can mutilate him's body, you can buck fifty him's handsome face, but you'll never capture him's beautiful soul!!! Oh, it's him's clothes you want? If him gave you him's whole wardrobe you could never be him!!! Oh so you want him's wife?!! See but, him's wife only loves him and him only!!! For God made only one him. You prayin to be like him, but him is praying for life, health and strength. Him's grandmother is layin under the cold earth and will never walk the earth again. Him's two cousins also reside in the same place. However, unlike Him's Grandmother, those two are resting do to the mother of jealousy. See you and him are not only cousins, you and him are brothers. Same mother and same father, however, him is trying distance himself from such a wicked family. See but you will never change!!! You still hate him, maybe you just don't understand him?!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


What's FuZzN Ya'll, today was an up and down day. Last part of the day was fun. Went to my favorite store, Classic menswear. I've got a couple hats and a pair of shoes on the way. But today, I had to pull out the multi-colored snakeskin Brutini's. Had to bring em out of retirement!! Some 06 action for em!! Funny story about these shoes, the first day I wore these I was with my pookie. However, this is befor we had started dating. She was on her way to class and I was hangin in the hallway. We were outside of her classroom, and she looked down at my shoes and said, "HEY SNAKE!!" So out of nowhere she storms off to her math class, and I grabbed her by the hand so she could give a proper hug!! I mean I was tryin to bag her then!! LOL! Then she had the evil demon face and yelled "GET OFF OF ME!!!" She snatched her hand away and walked in the classroom. About two days later she IM'S me, on some Hi honey how are you? I'm like i'm surprised you speakin to me!!! She knew I was talkin about the other day. She said She was just cramping and she was on her period!!!! Yo in these very same shoes I had felt the horror of a one veronica smith scorned by her period!!! LOL! Not a pretty sight!!!LOL! But it's all good. Back to the shoes, I have to say these are one of my favorite pairs. Granted a lot of dudes have these shoes, I love to brg that I had them first. Which is the truth. I had to get my GiOrGiO BrUtInI mobster on today!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Til Death Do Us Part!!!

At the stroke of 12, I had a very leary feeling, almost morbid. I guess it's because it's been one year since my sister passed away. It's hard to even say that. Who knew within a to year span I would lose two family members back to back. I know God has a better plan for the ones he takes. But, the flesh of soul can't understand death. I mean it's wild, for me death comes when I'm at my highest point.It's begining to be so I hate to have fun, because in the back of my mind I'm trying to figure out whose next to go. But it's really hurtful when your down to only five people who are left out of a once huge family circle. Remembering all the christmas's and the backyard bbq's, now my parents are up in age, and really don't have the strength to do what they used to do. And that's a miserable way to live life. I mean that's why I'm so into monitary Items and materialism. For a few Mins it's an escape from the hurt. Man, I be goin deeper, I just want my parents to live long enough to see my pookie and I get married and have kids. I want to be able to repay them for what they've done for me over thses years. The hard part is it may not be in God's plan. My arms are way too short to box with god, so I just have to take it with a grain of salt. I heard yesterday God called one of his faithful few home. A pastor was preaching in the pulpit and in the middle of the word, slumped over had a heart attack and died. God is just not calling the sick, the sinners and the unsaved,he's calling everyone. It's just the ones who are left here to toss and turn with the question why? As people, we can be some of the most hateful and ungreatful. We spend most of our time at eachother's throats, not understanding the bigger picture. Life is too presious to be actin this way. My father was preaching on sunday, and he said something that really hit me. People spend theor whole time debating the existence of a heaven or a hell. But lets just say there are such things, and you spent your days living under the devil's grasp? Are you ready to spend your days in the lake of fire? Or would you serve out your days on the straight and narrow, to see the streets that are paved in gold? Some would say that's a risk they are willilng to take!!! But literally you are playing with fire.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm the reason for the understanding!!!!

What's FuZzN Ya'll, just sittin here listenin to Musiq Soul Child, i'm a big fan of dude. Textin my pokie girl. Yo, you check this pic out though?! I'm lovin it!! had to break out the O.G. Stacy's. Shoes of Distinction. Stacy pork pie on the mean lean!!! Tailor Made three peice Dashiki Suit by the Brown Collection!! Yo they call me the black tailor made!!! lol!! Got the Kani shirt bloused on some John Travolta Saturday night Fever!!! LOL!! Just showin ya'll how it gets!! FuZzY Johnson Showin ya'll what it's about!!!

Express Yaself!!!!!

Now you maybe wondering why do I keep posting my new items that I come across. Well the key is this, i'm showin ya'll why they call me the $FrEsH-KiNg$. Well most of all I want ya'll to take a deeper look into how I look at clothes. It's one thing to see me with an item on, but ya'll have to know the ideology behind why I wear certain items or brands. Like Express, I mess with their clothes hard because for many years they've stood out as a brand that has a sleek and clean image. I hate to use this term (cause they over-sexed it) It's really for the Grown and Sexy. While the Gap, Abeercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and American Eagle were all trying to bring us that whole ugly and bummy distressed look, the Express men's collection has something for the man who still takes pride in his dresscode. Unlike the stores i've just mentioned, Express are the only ones that sell men's dresswear. This season they actually have a three peice White Suit in there!!! They were up on Wild color Paisly print button downs before they became all the rage two years ago. How do I know? cause I was rockin em back in 03 and 04!!! See I can rock with thei buttondowns, vests, sweater vest, and in this case their polo's. Simply because their designs and colors are very striking and bold, which appeal to my the FuZz 100%. I just like to take their garments and take them to That FuZzY level. It's like how the Lo-Lives( a group from he 80's who made their name by stealing millions and millions of Ralph Lauren Polo clothing from back then to the present) did with polo. Polo was never made for inner city people to wear. It was made for the upper class to indulge in. But, when the Lo-Lives Started Rockin the clothes to parties in New York city, Ralph Lauren's name grew to hood aclaim. But it's all in the way they would rock it. Same with me and Express, it's how I wear it. When I throw on the Apple Polo I might throw on the grey three peice dashiki suit, with the Apple Green godfather hat and Matchin Apple green Brutini's !!! You can wear Gucci, but if it looks like trash, then it means nothing. Also if your rocking it with no originality, it's also a waste of Ben Franklyns. Trust me, i've seen it happen!!! So what am I saying? I'm saying, take the time and find clothes that really speak to your vibe and style. Take the time to invest in brands that are aren't trend humping, but have a history in putting out quality items. And please be an individual!!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I told ya'll I was tryin to stop but I can't!!! The ROSE GOLD D&G WATCH does get work!!! The thing I love about it is it looks like a bracelet. Oh and trust ain't no fakes around HUUURRRR!!!!! No flea Markets, whalley ave's, no canal streets, 41st (But i'm not telling where I copped it!!!)!!!! LOL!!! As you can see I gots the proof of authenticity!!!! Once again I don't do much!!! I just keep it FuZz!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Honey check it, tell ya friends to get with my friends, and we can be friends, honey check it we can do this every weekend!!!! Yeah that chick who diddy was tryin to mack in the b.i.g joint was his baby mother Misa Hylton. The stylist to many of today's stars, yes she's the reason Lil Kim wore a pastey and got felt up by diana ross at the Mtv awards(ok, missey had a had in it too!!! LOL!!).Yo I guess it's my love for clothes, but some of these female celebrety stylists are sexy!!! First my wife June Ambrose now my baby Misa!!! Got to watch out for her though, she raised the rate on Diddy's child support!!!! LOL! But yo not for nothin but she looks like cassey(bad boy star and dancer in kanye stronger video) with meat on her bones!!! Better yet she looks like she could be one of Ashanti's sisters!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008


Yo i got to stop showin ya'll the new additions to the family!!! Yeah these are the Stacy Adams Black and white patten leather wing tip Daytons. Just got em today from my dudes Down at Classic Men's Wear. Yo, shout out to my guys at Classic Men's Wear, they always get me the best of the best of the best dress shoes, at the player price(Glc Chi state of mind).I kind of switched up the game on ya'll just a bit. Its funny now everybody wants to wear pointed toe shoes now!!! I had some of the first pairs back in 05!!! I mean I done destroyed Zota a million times over!!! Got Pointed toe Zota's I haven't even worn yet!!! I still rock some of them. My pointed toe waynes get work, a few others do too. But now, time to stop playin, I'm gona bring it back to the classics. We gona bring it back to the Shoes of distinction. Bible says there is a time for War and a time for peace. Well it's time for war!!!

Don't throw stones at the glass house!!!!

Everything that is, what it is, ain't is!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


When morning comes I will be thrusted into the cold world without a jacket. One foot on the pavement can spell my doom. But as I lay with you, a peace comes over this body of mine. Suddenly, I'm calm, your touch has soothed my soul. With your head rested upon thy chest, I don't see the hate from the world. I see visions of better livin, being the victor instead of the victum. Heavy is thy head, that wears this crown, but your touch lightens my load. As my thoughts tarry, I won't need to ask why did I get married. So queen of my heart when thou lay your head to sleep dream of us.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yeah, another weekend of shopping and copping. Just somethin light!!! I really ain't got much to say to ya'll. I'm just doin what I do best, keepin it FuZz!!! I was at My cutie Roni's cousin's wedding and this big huge, 11 foot bouncer lookin dude rolled up to me like, "I don't know how you do it, but you doin it." I ain't trip over that junk, I just said thank you. But to be honest with ya'll I just do what's natural to me. It's like what DMX said on his first album, "I just do what's in my heart and ya'll call it a style." I just cop what I like, I cop it, put it together however way I feel and step out. Like I said befor, true freaks come out in the daytime!!! but, ain't nothin major, I just have no boundries or limits. I'm a Style Kamakazi. I guess I had a lot to say after all!!! LOL!Any way, just be natural!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


The Piccard says use your time wisely!!!!

Don't shoot the messenger!!!!!!

These bags right here are on my wishlist. Don't be surprised to see that Paul Smith Radio joint swingin from my shoulder soon. Fendi joint is classic, get on that slick rick joint with the fendi.That Y3 one is ill too!!! I could see me stuntin with that Hillhouse vs cross football game with the... Nah I ain't givin the outfit away!!! LOL! Ya'll got to wait to Thanksgiving to see that!!!

They ain't gona be ready for Milt-Fresh the 3rd!!!

Thanks to My pookie girl Veronica she hooked me up with the site that sold Luxury Baby apperal. I gots to say, my pookie and I have been having fun talking about raising our kids. Oh and trust you will see Milt-Fresh the 3rd decked out killin the FuZz Game!!! But these are so adorable!!! Oh snap I'm begining to sound like pookie!!! LOL!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Watch when MILT-FRESH the 3rd is born!!!!!

Roni you got to get him this sick Fendi stroller!! And no My baby girl isn't pregnant!! but if she was.... Our baby would be keepin it FuZz in this!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I'm just shoin ya'll my toys before I play with em!!! I gt more comin next week!!! Old school Tommy, Express button Paisly Button down, Got the Baily Joint sittin sideways!!! LOL!! Yo, just remember that heading up top!!


Now I dig the album cover. It reminds me of Biggie's first album. But I must say i'm not looking foward to the supposidly, most anticipated album of 08, Lil Wayne's Carter 3. Really as everyone who knows me very well, knows, I can't stand Lil Wayne!!! I mean he has ok punchlines. But he is not the best rapper alive!!! He gets high or gets slowed down on lean, and says anything that comes to mind!!! About the only time I dig his work is when he's on a track with Juelz Santana(for that I can't feel my face album that ain't never comin out!!! lol!). That Badside joint he got is mean!!! Most of the time he spits harder than juelz is because he has somebody whose just as good when it comes to saying anything. But to me Lil Wayne is overly hyped!!! Like Dipset, this is a clear case where swagger, is what's getting a rapper by instead of lyrical content. And pretty much wayne is also swagger jacking on the low!!! LOL!! Yeah go ahead, all you lil wayne fans can go hurl rocks at me all you want!!! But secretively he's a swagger jacker!!! We can go back to carter 2. Ya'll noticed dude was Bathing Aped out!!! Dude was in the Fireman video with the Bape Hoody and the old school Nerd glasses on, with some bapes on. Then what happens? The clipse make Mr. Me Too, and take aim at Lil Wayne for Jackin their dresscode and their word play. Then the clipse told Laced Magazine "how you gona dress like the clips, rap like Jay-z, sell cocain, and turn around and dress like Jim Jones." And it's true!!! His style is not defined!!! I'll go a step further. How you gona be talkin "Icecream hoody, Bathing Ape tennis shoes, no time for pictures, no time for interviews" and as soon as someone calls you on bein suspect, you turn around and hate on them and the person in which makes the clothes you wear? He straight was hattin on Pharrell and the Clipse in the Comples mag. Sayin "who are the Clipse and Pharrel is a weirdo, Bathing Ape was nothing until he wore it!!!" Why why did you stop? If it wasn't for Pharrell dudes wouldn't rock the Ape if it wasn't for Pharrell. He ended up proving Malice and Pusha right. Cause now he's a Rockstar like Jim Jones now. He's lucky Capo cosigns him. Then on top of that we have another rapper submerged in Gang Culture!!! Because of Game, wayne and dipset, we have more dudes tryin to be bloods now!!! And Ya'll homey tryin to sound like T-Pain now!!! Funny part is befor the lolipop joint came out, I heard that Shorty Lo freestyle six months ago. I was tellin everybody this cat was on that t-pain style junk!!! Now everybody talkin bout some SOO-WOOP Gang, and if you ain't wit it, then you in the food chain!!! I swear that junk is so funny to listen to!! LOL!! Cause only is he sayin anything, he sound a hot mess!!! FEET HANGING OUT THE WINDOW JOCK MY SHOE GAME, CAUSE ALL MY SHOES FLY, LIKE LIU KANG!!!! Where does this nigga get this dude stuff from?! LOL! oh I forgot he stays on that purple stuff!!! Yo I'm tired of talking about this nigga!! O.k. no i'm not, YEAH I KISS MY DADDY!!! LOL! O.k. for real i'm done!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm bringin FuZzY back!!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll!!! LOL1 I thank everybody who has been lookin out for ya boy since the passing of my grandmother!! We are holdin up rather well. My mom has her moments, but what do you expect? That's her mother and best friend. But any way, me and this dude cardi was havin a conversation about Hip-Hop and fashion and I was talkin about doin a TV show dedicated to the topics at hand. one things for sure is that New Haven needs a public access show dedicated to what real fashion is about. Befor I go on my rampage (cause you know I'm bout to go sick!!), I'd like to shout out Cousin Twizz on channel 28. Everytime i've seen him he's showed me nothin but love. Shout out to Mike Nice too who also hosts the mike nice show!! But anyway for a while I've been wanting a show dedicated to representing real fashion, real trends, real style, raw raps, just on some real FuZz junk. so back to the coversation, I was sayin I wanted to bring New Haven to the level where we were back in 2001 and 2001 when cats were original with their dress codes. Dudes weren't tryin to be the next man. So I started mentionin dudes who were settin the trends and stuntin hard out of New York. Soon as I mentioned them, dude did a slow burn because it was like I was leavin New Haven out of the loop. but I explaned to dude For a few mins I have to leave CT out of the loop for a min because of our current state of fashion. If I do the show, I can't look at it as a CT thing. This is a FuZz thing!!! If you FuZz you FuZz. If your a true trendsetter and a tastemaker then It doesn't matter where you from. But in New Haven dudes is a bunch of copy cats!!! CT in general looks over the fence at what New York is doing.Then they turn around 3 years later and decide it's hot to rock!!! I hate that!!! I mean I look back when Fila went out of style up here. Dudes would go to work on you if you had some Fila kicks or Fila anything. But in Atlanta Dudes had never stopped wearing Fila. I remember they had a picture of the whole Dungeon Family. Everybody from Goody Mobb, outkast, sleepy brown, Young Bloodz, everybody was there. Well one dude had on a whole Fila Sweatsuit, with Fila Kicks, and Fila hat!! This was back in 2000. Dudes were lookin at the pic like, who wears Fila?!! But everybody down there was rockin Fila kicks!! That's the sneaker that represents their city!! But what happened? For Fila to be hot to rock up north, dudes had to see Fabolous rockin a Fila Sweatsuit with the Fila kicks in the xxl mag. What happened? Expressions downtown started stocking up with Fila Kicks. Dudes was rockin Fila kicks in New Haven actin like they doin somethin!!! What am I mad about, you was rockin em cause they looked Fly, you was rockin it cause somebody had to tell you too!!! Dudes aren't settin trends. They jumpin on the trends because it's easy to do what the next man is doing!! It takes two sets of Balls to do ya own thing. And in New Haven I don't see it. Like my TI said on that track, king of the south on trap music, "Theres only five rappers in atlanta who bussin and I'm one of em!!! the other four you know who you are!!!" It's only six dudes in New Haven who are really doin there own thing!! One is my partner in this FuZz game, PEEPS GUNNA, the other is this dude Minister Mills who I know. Then theres dude Mook who used to lead Mod Squad Drill team!!! I don'tknow dude like that, but since I started seein him in 01 he has always come through with fly junk that has been trendsetting worthy to New Haven, CT. There can't just be six episodes about six dudes who are known trendsetters and fly dudes in the city. I need a show that's going to show people who push it to the limits!!! I don't want a show with some dudes who through some Ed Hardy hoodies and Jeans, with the Ed Hardy trucker and some Jordans and tryin to front about havin style. Thats not what I want for a show!!! I want to hit stores that represent what Fashion and Style are about in New Haven. But we just can't hit Jimmies, or Expressions, or for dress wear sample Shop, Backers and classic mens wear or for the closest thing to black luxery street wear, the Yuppy Boutique. Wow five shows!!! How would the show survive with!! If I do a show, I'm not just trying to be on for a s8 episodes. I'm trying to be on for at least a ten year spand bringin the world what true FuZz is all about!! Steppin out with New Innovative styles in clothing and accessories, and not caring what the world thinks or says!! Yes I can talk cause I do this junk everyday!!!I walk down the street, in the grocery store, at my job, at my church, at the corner store, at the mall FuZzEd up in bright color suits, Wild hats, sick jewelry, Off the wall shoes!! Either you love me or hate me!! But atleast i'm showin you what the deal is. The only reason dudes ain't jock my style is because one, my dad and I make our suits, and I'm always searchin for original junk!!! And i'm telling!! Dudes always want to know, where can I get this suit, were can I get that hat!!! You just got to be you and come up with ya own concepts!!! Most of all stat consistant!!! Oh and you chiks ain't exempt neither!!! it's wild about four years ago ya'll was walkin around with ya heads tied up with pajama bottoms on,lookin at me like why you all dressed up to come here? Now ya'll tryin to rock pearl neclaces, dresses, skirts,high heels, oversized shades and heels!!! What happens when that fad dies out? Are we going back to head scarves and pajama bottoms again? Like I said when I do decide to do a public access television show, it's going to bring this style called FuZz to the masses!! Regardless where you from, or what your race or gender is. my only guidlines are that whatever it is must be cutting edge or original.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Relaxing with Pookie!!!!!

I been had these pics, but I never posted them. Just one evening me and Pookie decided to stay in and relax. There is a pic from this bunch I didn't post!! That's just for my personal enjoyment, if you catch my drift?! LOL! But, look at my Pookie's smile!! She is so sexy. Don't mind me ya'll, i'm just on my puppy love right now! First two I think she was under the influence of her period!!! LOL! She gona get me on that one! LOL!