Saturday, May 31, 2008

HIM by Milton E. Brown, Jr aka Milt-Fresh

Him was conceived by the father of hate and mother of jealousy. So if you dislike what you see of him, just know you created Him. You and Him are cousins, but yet the two of you go to war like the Hatfeilds and the Macoys. Devils with your pitchforks wish to peirce him's heart and cause him pain. Oh how you would love to see him's blood spilled on him's white Mink coat!!!! But understand you spineless wimps you'll never take him alive!!!! You can mutilate him's body, you can buck fifty him's handsome face, but you'll never capture him's beautiful soul!!! Oh, it's him's clothes you want? If him gave you him's whole wardrobe you could never be him!!! Oh so you want him's wife?!! See but, him's wife only loves him and him only!!! For God made only one him. You prayin to be like him, but him is praying for life, health and strength. Him's grandmother is layin under the cold earth and will never walk the earth again. Him's two cousins also reside in the same place. However, unlike Him's Grandmother, those two are resting do to the mother of jealousy. See you and him are not only cousins, you and him are brothers. Same mother and same father, however, him is trying distance himself from such a wicked family. See but you will never change!!! You still hate him, maybe you just don't understand him?!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow..........Babe That Was Deep. I Was Really Into It I Loved Every Bit Of It Great Job.