Friday, October 19, 2007

For the love of the FuZz!!!! Marc from ugly betty!!!

O.K. on the second installment of FOR THE LOVE OF THE FUZZ, our next candidant is My man Marc from Ugly Betty. I know everybody is saying, MILT-FRESH, WHAT'S GOING ON WITH YOU? WHY YOU GOT THIS FAG UP HERE!!! Well plain and simple, aside from what the character pertays, you can not denie Marcs FuZz Game on the show. I can't hate on homeboy,his sexual preference ain't got nothin to do with me!!! But people The colors, the patterns everything is sick on dude!!! I haven't seen a well dressed or well FuZzEd individual since Homey who played Kevin Hill!!! The thing that makes me mad, is he doesn't get that much burn on the show. For what his wardrobe represents, he's more of a minor character!!!! The most flyest, fUzZieSt dude on the show might be in two or three scenes. Go figure!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


O.K. I've had this subject on my mind, for quite some time. Now I have the chance to elaborate on it. It's this whole Rockstar look, that every one is sporting now of days. I'm kind on the fence with it. For one, it makes everybody in the hood have to step their Style game up. I mean, you really just can't wear any old jeans, and any old hoody and any old kicks , put a chain on the belt, and call it rockstar!!! You have to really dig deep into, the look as a whole, and add in what you want to represent. Recently I've seen dudes in New Haven, sporting Mohawks and more tighter fit jeans with even more serious kicks. But, the catch 22 is these dudes were hollering gangster the year befor!!! My thing is these guys know nothing about the rockstar life!!!!! I mean, a real hood dude has never listened to the greatful dead, metallica, the Misfit, smashing pumpkins, and ect. But, your representing a lifestyle you know nothing about. Yes, there is a lifestyle behind the look you guys are sporting. I mean, ok lets even take the hood rout!!! Guys like jim jones, juelz and Lil wayne adorn the rockstar look,because they live the life of fast cars, fast money, and women. Really that's the life of a musician. The other flipside to the hood aspect of a rockstar, is that a drug dealer is selling crack rock, would say that they are a ROCK STAR, in the sense that they are pushing ROCKS!!!! Didn't know that huh!!!! Like I said, there is much more to the look than just fitted t-shirts and tatterd jeans. Like I said, I'm on the fence with it. A lot of guys are taking time, putting the look together. But, they miss the whole concept of what the whole look means. I guess to each their own.


Right now ya'll the The $FrEsH-KiNg$ is going crazy without my computer at the crib!!!! But, i'm still able to get at my public when I can. Trust when I gey my baby back, i'm going to have brand new pics up, plus more excitement for ya'll!!! Between now and the end of 07, a lot of junk will be going down. To tell you the truth, I csn't wait for thanksgiving. Yes ya fUzZ will be eating every mofo under the table, however, there is also the Elm City classic, A.K.A the Hillhouse VS Cross high school football game, on the same day. Yo, for close to 45 years that game has been a see and be seen event in New Haven. More so a fashion show, in it's own right. It's been like that since my mother and my uncle were going to hillhouse high school. Well ya FuZz has been shuttin em out on the fUzZ tip (at that game) for 6 years!!! im going on 7 this time around!!! So expect pics up, from that. What else is going on??? Oh yeah, SHOUT OUT TO MY BABY GIRL VERONICA!!!! WE MADE THE 10 MOUNTH MARK!!!!Yeah ya'll it's been 10 joints since MILT-FRSH A.K.A YOUNG MZA, has been out of the game. Like I said, we've got infinaty to go!!! People say, that's along to plan to be together. True, but when you have someone who is intune with ya spirit, it makes it 10 times better. See every relationship needs God huvering over it. Real FuZz both partners need to have god in the picture. He's the only thing that holds the fiber together.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I'm just bein crazy!!!!!! Doin what I want to do, been coppin more fUzZ!!!! OH, let me put ya'll up on somethin!!!!! For about 7 moths I been coppin a certain type of shoe!!!! The brand is called ZOTA!!! They specialize in the new pointed toe shoe trend hitting the fashion world. But what makes these shoes so cick, is that there made out of 100% Genuine PONY SKIN!!! YES, I said, PONY SKIN!!!! I just bought a pair of all blacks to add to the collection. I'm endorsing these babies hard, because they are cutting edge. You don't see everybody with them. Plus everybody can't rock pointed toe shoes. The trick with zota's or any pointed toe shoe, is to get a size up. My true size is a 10 1/2. So for comfort I rock with the 11. They might look big, but that's where the tailoring comes into play. Your pants leg should fit perfectly, over your shoes. Even, if they don't so what!!! With the detail, they we're made to be seen. Don't get me wrong, I still rock with stacy, giorgio, impulse, and wayne. But Zota is a cutting edge shoe company!!! Now watch everybody go out and buy some cause I said so!!!! Dudes already be jockin in the store!!!! Niggaz be lookin at what i'm coppin, then front like they don't want it!!!! But, I hear ya'll niggaz!!! "yo, i want them shoes like he got!!!" Sorry niggaz!!!!! Dudes try to hard!!! I buy what I like, ya'll buy what ya'll see!!!!


O.K. guys each week I will make it my biz to high light an individual that represents what being fuzzy is all about. This week it's Mtv style guru, Curtis Coltrane. He is what I like to call a style kamikazi. I say that because, he looks at style with his gut feeling,I would also go as far to say, it's almost religous. With his look, he blends a lot of different concepts together to make a huge statement.I remember the first time I noticed him. Back in 2003, he was in a complex magizine photo shoot. he hadf on a black blazer, white dress shirt, black leather pants, shades, and a i'll trucker hat(Hey, it was 03!!!). Back then I did't know who he was. All I knew was he was sick fuzz in that fit. Then in 2004, around the time of the mtv movie awards, He popped up again as the Mtv Style vj for their events. It was wild because his style captivated my eye. He had on this flower design blazer from Ryan and Kenny. I knew it was theres because usher had the same exact blazer on, for his performance at the VMA's. But, the way Coltrane fuzzed that blazer was unlike no other. He didn't play it safe. He wore pink pants(if im not mistaken, to bring out the pink in the jacket. That was so RAW!! Everybody normally plays it safe for everything. But this guy came out bold, brash and most of all confident. The other part is he wasn't afraid to indulge in an over abundance of color. Something that the average straight man is normally scared to do(NOT ME!!!!!!. Besides he style efforts, this dude has an outstanding track record. A morhouse graduate, he has served as the guiding force behind the multi million dollar Hip-hop clothing brand, Ecko Unlt. He served as President of Ecko and he was also in charge of Marketing. He has also worked with many of your favorite music stars for image consulting. Hint, Hint, does flava flav come back ring a bell? Oh, and back to the marketing and clothing, he along with 50 cent, established G-Unit clothing (didn't know that huh!!!) in conjunction with Ecko Unlt.So it's safe to say, my dude trane is gettin that money silently!!!!! In 2006 he was named one the 50 most beautiful people, buy some magizine, I forgot which one. But, over all Coltrane is aa lover of all styles. You can view he stylistic comentary on overdrive section.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kanye West VS The True Polo Kings!!!!

On my chill session from blogging, I had been doin my one two!!! Everybody knows about MY FAVORITE FASHION FOWARD RAPPER, KANYE WEST BEATING OUT 50 IN ALBUM SALES!!! However,50 and beani segal are not the only ones who are coming at the rapper's kneck, as of late. In last months Complex Mag in which is dedicated to west's project, he gives colorful comentary on different things that interest him. In one statement, he say's "True Polo Heads hate me, but everybody knows I love me". That struck a cord in me. I mean I knew there were dudes, who to this day collect a lot of Ralph Lauren Polo and Polo sport, from back in the day. But, who would really hate on YE that stronge about wearing Polo?
So I searched around the internet. And youtube I found it. It was a group of dudes from Brooklyn called the LO Lives, who were known in the 80's for making shop lifting from department stores an art form. What made this crew so monumental, was that they were fly in everything they did. To express their flyness, they wore an abundance boosted Ralph Lauren gear. At the time in the 80's Ralph Lauren wasn't worn in the inner city. They had to travel to malls and stores outside the store to do damage. The other thing is they were wearing