Friday, July 31, 2009

Love yo brown skin

Sexy haz a new face with an old soul. say hello to shingai Shoniwa of the noisettes.

All in the presentation!!!

O.k. I must say thiz about the Laser Print patent Leather GBX bootz. At one point I waz definetly against them. The high top turned me off becauze they reminded me so much of theze high end fashion sneakerz their putting out. Which az you all know SNEAKERZ ARE A NO GO ON THE MILT-FRESH EXPERIENCE. Plus a certain shoe site didn't do a great job at displaying them. Which waz also a turn off. However, it waz theze photoz that were taken of them that changed my perception. With the right itemz, you can definetly dress theze up to really look exquisit. I definetly love the water wave design on the side. What i'm saying iz through the presentation, I don't see theze az a sneaker. I look at them az a casual boot. But thiz iz a lesson in presentation. In how you put itemz together to look appealing. I remember back in the day the flyest guyz in high school knew how to make the most unlikly itemz look amazing. Thatz when you know you have style.

A true Style Kamikazi!!!!!

Don Cherry iz a beast when it comez to the clothing.

FuZz Game iz Major!!!!

Couple peicez I picked up when I went shopping. A few thingz to drive my haterz up a wall. I love that Pronti button down. It's reminiscent of that whole Jay-z button up faize everybody went through in 03-04. However what makez it a standout iz the sheen of the fabric. For the pink vest... You know i'm in love with the tuxedo vestz. And pink iz one of my favorite colorz. Like I said, somethin for the hatorz!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

WORK IT GURL!!!!!!!!

As a man of style and flair I must say I can definetly appreciate a woman in a pair of Heelz. Peep Toez, Wedgez, pumpz, Platformz, and ect I love it all. O.k. i'm gonna be real I have a shoe fetish!!!! I love to see my full figured beauty pookie strut her stuff in a mean pair!!!! It drivez a brotha wild. See I enjoy the fine craftsmenship that goez into creating such workz of art. One brand that I personally love to watch iz Bakers. Thiz iz why I've selected a few of my personal favoritez from their collectionz that will surely snap the kneckz of theze hatin broadz!!!! Don't let the air force onez on a down day fool you. My pookie will work you birdz!!! LOL!

Get the Message!!!!

The Coach of the game!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Let the 80'z Babiez rock their Cazalz, ALL THE REAL STUNNAZ ROCK WITH CARRERA SHADEZ!!!!!!!!!

Now looking at theze shadez makez me so mad becauze a few yearz ago I waz a Shadez officianodo. Now az i'm forced to wear perscription Versace'z. But any way, every 80'z baby iz going crazy over Cazel Shadez like they've never gone out of style. Yeah they're hot junk but, the Carrera Shadez brand iz one of the few that can give the German glasses company a run for their money. For thiz particular style of vintage shadez, the Carreracompany teamed up with famous air plane makers Boeing(of the 747 jet) to create theze lookz. Hence forth their known az Carrera and Boeing shadez. Ok, letz talk vintage shadez. In today'z age people are looking for shadez that embody the essence of the past. Huge exotic framez from the 80'z, 70'z, and 60'z. However, therez more to vintage shadez then just Cazalz. Take it from a person who used to wear cazal shadse, their designz are sort of predictable. Wild design that probably won't fit my face to well. LOL! But with the Carrera'z their strong, colorful, and bold enough to make a statement.

GiOrGiO BrUtInI Mobster ish!!!!!!

O.k. everytime I go into the Underground Station I alwayz see theze particular shoez.When they first came out my homie who alwayz putz me up on brand new shoez tried to get me to cop em. But I waz too into coppin my Mosimo NT mocs. At the time I waz contiplating leaving pointed toe shoez alone. Plus I felt thiz particular shoe would get a lot of burn amongst the majoirty of men. Usually certain Giorgio Brutini Modelz become popular, and you'll find everybody wearing them like a pair of Jordans. But theze are definetly remarkable. The design on the front iz what makez an eye catching shoe. I have to say I would definetly go back and get theze in my size 11. Itz been a while since I bought a pair of Brutini'z.

You in!!???

The Alternive Hair do!!!

Within the last year we've had a slew of femalez in the entertainment world decide to chop and screw their long lockz of hair and weavez for a more edgier alternative look. Yez in 09 femalez were starting to embrace their inner rockstar by going for shorter haircutz and even deciding to go for the buzz cut do. The originator of the trend had to be from recent fashionista and future style icon Rihanna, who shocked the world when she decided to go short first. Befor that every female had a great time shaking their horse hair around like they just didn't care. But Ri Ri definetly changed the game. After her every other female followed suit. But through the whole year it became a game of who could out do the other high heel pump wearin bird with a more edgier Rocker hair cut!!! Soon Bad Boy Ent star Cassie waz seen sporting her version of the mullet, one side buzz cut, the other side swaying with long flowing hair. Then Nicole from Nina sky waz scene going short. Wait i'm ahead of myself!!!! Trina went for her version of the Rihanna cut when promoting her Single again record(Marketing her breaak up with wayne, waz a great idea, just didn't help thingz). Recently in the world of wild Rocker hair do's Movie Starlet Demi Moore waz photographed with her version of the rockstar Mohawk!!!! Now definetly i'm a man of style. I understand what self expression meanz to the individual soul. But another side of me feelz it'z a trend humping stunt. I applaud the beyonce'z who stay true to their wigz and horse hair. they are diva'z and their not changing for any fads or up and coming bird headz. The only person out of thiz whole hair frenzy I respect iz Rihanna, becauze she'z the originator. I mean really thiz short do thing iz nothing new. There have been women I know who have been doing thiz forever. I remember when the short joint waz the rage back in 01 and 03 in high school. However, they've never gone to the extremez that they're going now. Demi and cassie in some pointz are kind of going overboard. Itz wild when I say that becauze overboard iz my middle name. On demi'z side I feel itz a mid life crisis thing. For Cassie, she's trying really hard to be promoted az a trendsetting female. They've tried to push her to be that eversince she appeared in Kanye's stronger video. And once your recognized with kanye your on the it list after that. IDK, to each their own.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Green Eyed Monster

Az a Young Man coming up in thiz crazy world, I find it hard to really understand god'z creaturez. Lord knowz I try. However, the fleshy side of hiz creationz. One character trait of people i'll never understand iz jealousy. I'll never understand what causez and indidual to carry so much ill bitter hatred towardz another human being. Claiming to have love in your heart!!! Claiming to be doing work for the benifit of otherz. But through your intoxicated soul, your true feelingz surface. You try to taint my heart with your foul wayz. Wanting me to strike you. But like Jay said, if I shoot you I'm brainless, but if you shoot me i'm famous, what'z a brotha to do. Trust me, my life iz more precious than to mess it up over swine!!!! Live in your trof ful of mud!!!! 40 yearz old and still acting like 10 year old that can't have hiz way!!!! I can't help you. How you feel iz how you feel. But God Bless ya soul!!! Hope you like what you see when you look in the mirror!!!

The Men!!!!!

One Fred Perry Bag im in question of!!!

Me being a huge fan of Fred Perry bagz, I must say I was in question of thiz particular bag. Don't get me wrong, I like it. But out of the majority of their bagz I must say thiz one iz more like a step child. Would I still use it? Yez I would. Would it be my first pick? Not really.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

You can do it too!!!

I was at Arbys today, and my dude who workz in there sayz to me, You stay fresh!!!! He went on to say he could never imagine getting that Fresh, further more he complained about not having the endz. I had to let homey know that thiz junk iz a stepping stone. If you gonna be serious with it you got to start small. Couldn't devulge the whole thing cauze it would blow hiz mind!!! But thiz iz just deeper that getting fresh, that'z why I make the distinction between getting Fresh and getting FuZzY. FuZzY iz deeper than clothing, itz what you standz for!! Uplifting the people!! But trust, you can do it too.

Keisha Cole endorsing Black Hair Care Productz

Thiz surpasses black atheletez selling sneakerz to the black youth!!! Keisha Cole iz endorsing Just for Me!!!! Encouraging all the young gurlz to keep their hair Fried and Laid to the side!!!! I really don't know what to say!!! Thiz iz pass billie d williamz!!! LOL! IDK oh, wait let me ask thiz question while i'm at it. Why iz every black person'z solution to financial crisis iz to sell soul food dinnerz ane everythang gonna be alright!!

True O.G.

Rev. Milton E. Brown, Sr. The original, been Stuntin since 1973. Last of a dieing breed. But with my dad it ain't about that physical outward appearance. He wantz man to be blessed through their soulz. You are looking at Blood, Sweat, tearz, and sacrifice. Still standing!! Has come from the cotton feildz of Greenville, NC to acheive greatness. When they told him he'd never amount to nothing, he proved the Nay Sayerz wrong!!!! Thiz iz a man whose content within life. No need for material wishes. He just wishez to grow in the gracez of Jesus christ. A true O.G.

My FIX!!!!!!

Had to!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fresh out the Store, Mo Bootz got work soon az I left the store!!!!

Finally bought the Masimo NY Snakeskin print Bootz(that I showcased up here a while back). Soon az I tried em on I feel in love. So much so I had to put em on!!!! They worked great with the fit I had on. Did a lil damage, nothin major.