Monday, July 20, 2009

Howz it Goin?

Hey world, ya dude Milt-Fresh Best Dressed a.k.a the $FrEsH-KinG$ haz definetly been on some chill. Out doin what I do best, being the town jerk stuntin FuZz on em!!! em!!!! I built thiz city off rock and roll!!!! Yeah I went old school dip-set on em. Had to crush these white, black suede, and brown GBX slip on's. You know my thoughtz on em!!!!! The illest dress casual shoe out. Yesterday was funny. Saw someone who wasn't receptive to see me. I can't help thingz didn't work with us. I tried, but it wazn't meant to be. Now i'm with someone whoo lovez me for me. I wish that person the best, but attitudez and cold shoulderz aren't needed. Oh well God Bless em!!! Thatz why pookie getz my all!!! Anyway chick asked me at the corner store waz I hot with all that I had on? I told her ya'll got to get ya mindz right and look at life like no matter what happenz i'm too cool. The problem with people they let their circumstancez dictate who they are. If your mind tellz your hot, then your gonna be hot. If your mind tellz you that your the coolest thing walking then you are. Your mind haz the power to set you free or lock you down. Trust in ya lord and savior jesus christ, take care. One FuZz.

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