Friday, July 3, 2009

Cam'ron at Toads last night!!!

I have to say last night was a very weired random night!!! Parts of it still got me shakin my head!!! LOL! Like what just happened???!! Anyway, it was Hood dude in a blazer night!!! LOL! Any way, cam did only 10 mins of a show, that junk was wild for it to be an album release party. That wasn't an Album release, that was a New Haven appearance!!! It was weired seein Cam by himself. It felt like he needed Julz, freaky, jim, Rell, J.r., man the whole dips. It was really different. Just that small joint right there made it seem like the majority of the Dips is rollin with Jim. Oh well I guess life is like that. If you got to go by yourself, then go. Last night helped me really realise that. Cam performin by himself and my sex wild random night really made me come to the conclusion, if you got to go by yaself, go. No matter how things turn out, you everybody else has their own agenda. Don't let it stop you from doing ya thing. Anyway, the fit was in Full affect. Once again Fresh killed the scene with the style.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well babe from what you told me about that night it was an event lol in its own. but whatever fun you had i'm glad you had it