Friday, July 24, 2009

Sharif iz the truth!!!

Now, I don't like showing a lot of women'z itemz up here becauze I feel women have everything when it comez to style!! So whatz the need for another female fashion blog???! There are millionz of them!!! However, I can't denie itemz that represent true style and FuZz!!! Itemz that are fresh, fly, and FuZzY deserve to be highlighted, regardless if there for men or woman!! When i'm shopping I get a kick out of buying purses for my girl and my mom!! When I'm searching, I tend to look for design and detail!! Something that when they wear it on their shoulder, itz going to make a statement!! A brand that definetly makez a huge one iz Sharif!! Rached Sharif to be exact. Then gentleman has featured many of hiz eye catching handy work on HSN many timez!! But after seeing hiz peicez I said they were ill enough to feature on the blog. For one, hiz designz are sick enough to rival many of the high end couture brandz out today. The only thing standing in the way iz name value. But in thiz world a lot of thingz are chosen off of name value instead of talent.

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