Thursday, July 9, 2009

Masimo NY Tango boots kinda FuZz!!!!

So the last time I went shopping, I went to one of my favorite stores, The Undergroundstation. While I was there one of my friends who worked there showed me something new from the Masimo NY collection in their latest cataloge. Meet the tango's, the latest boot that came out of their faction. What I found interesting is the front part had the same snake print as the Masimo Viper driving mocs which I own. I always said if they put that same print on a dress shoe, it would be ill!!!! I would definetly buy them, because the boots have so many different options. They're versitle and can work with mostly everything. Which is rair. But i've said it many times, that's the beauty of turning to pointed toe shoes. The bring an air of cool to whatever your wearing. They help your pants leg fall into place, unlike most shoes. But definetly a great shoe to have in your collection.

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