Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let the 80'z Babiez rock their Cazalz, ALL THE REAL STUNNAZ ROCK WITH CARRERA SHADEZ!!!!!!!!!

Now looking at theze shadez makez me so mad becauze a few yearz ago I waz a Shadez officianodo. Now az i'm forced to wear perscription Versace'z. But any way, every 80'z baby iz going crazy over Cazel Shadez like they've never gone out of style. Yeah they're hot junk but, the Carrera Shadez brand iz one of the few that can give the German glasses company a run for their money. For thiz particular style of vintage shadez, the Carreracompany teamed up with famous air plane makers Boeing(of the 747 jet) to create theze lookz. Hence forth their known az Carrera and Boeing shadez. Ok, letz talk vintage shadez. In today'z age people are looking for shadez that embody the essence of the past. Huge exotic framez from the 80'z, 70'z, and 60'z. However, therez more to vintage shadez then just Cazalz. Take it from a person who used to wear cazal shadse, their designz are sort of predictable. Wild design that probably won't fit my face to well. LOL! But with the Carrera'z their strong, colorful, and bold enough to make a statement.

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some roking shades man hit me up at and