Monday, July 6, 2009


NOW I KNOW THIS ISN'T MR. ROCKSTAR JUELZ SANTANA DRESSED LIKE THIS!!!! These photo's were taken at Juelz's Birthday part during the winter months. To me this is really a great look for juelz. Usually when a young guy goes this far out with a suit like this, they tend to lose their original sense of style. I mean lets face it, everybody can't pull of extragent fabrics and outfits and still keep there original personality( well yours trully is an acception LOL!). But Juelz is able to maintain his Skull Gang image. Still has the rockstar belt chain and all. I hate the tie though. He should have went with a skinny tie or really just went tieless with the top collar unbuttoned. See his look kind of Contridicts what him and his Dip-Set affiliates have been preaching all of long. Since 2002 they've stood on their soap boxes as activists for bagging, sagging jeans, and beef and broclie Timberland boots. Juelz has helped even make fun of Jay-z who is the spokes person for the grown and sexy evolution of the young black generation to put down their Jerseys for a well tailored suit. So Juelz wearing a suit is kind of odd. But it's the RockStar Flair he's known for that makes it his own.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Must Admit Juelz Look Real Nice. FINALLY lol but i like his jacket