Friday, November 30, 2007


yeah ya'll thanksgiving day was so freakin fun!!!! First of all the Hillhouse vs cross football game was freakin crazy!!!! Mass pandimonium!!!! What made it even more special was I had my baby girl VERONICA by my side. Oh and yes I retain my crown for the most flyest dude in the game!!! Oh me and my baby girl win the award for sexiest couple at the event. Besides stuntin so fuzz, I got the chance to catch up will old friends, and me an my partner in FuZz PEEPS came through to stunt on em at the joint. Well it was a beautiful day, in more ways than one!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

05 on the brain!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this peice of nastalgia marks a signifigant time in my life. I am not at liberty to talk about it because of the people involved. But, lets just say this, this is the transition period of where I went from a boy to a man. It also marks the seperating of my past and present. Yeah a lot of mumbo jumbo in coded words. Just trust me. Besides all of that I was gettin my FuZz on!!!!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

old school 06 for ya mind!!!

yo I had these pics since 06 of last year!!! This was after the jauary hill house vs cross basketball game!!! People still talk about that game til this day!!!! But trust in 08, I got more tricks in store!!! Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yo Word on the FuZz this is a result of going to the milford mall at random. I'm chillin with my boys dan and chris when out of no where this light skinned chick, comes over and asks me to model for her. Turns out it was her first day working at this joint called kiddie kandid portait studio. Well one thing I love the most is to take pictures. And besides, since she picked me to model for her, the pictures were free. And you know black people love free stuff!!!! LOL!!! But it was cool. Home girl busted out of no where, "Um since you all dressed up, can you be one of my models, please!!!" Well I just did it cause I wanteed pics of me!! Well any way, shout out to Kiddie Kandids in the Milford Mall.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Yo word on the FuZz, I know my baby girl Veronica is going to kill me!!!(Sorry baby girl), But Raven is one of the most sexiest chicks out right now. I had been feelin her since the cosby show days. I even love this chicks style. Say what you want about her outfits, but she proves to be a style kamakazi in her own right!!!! Yo straight up, real fUzZ I be watchin, that's so Raven just to see her!! Yeah that's right!!! A grown man watches the disney channel!!!! Anyway Raven needs to drop them corny chicken dinners and run with winner!!!! I know mad sex playa lines!!! LOL!! oh, once again sorry to my baby Veronica, but Raven is Wifey!!!!! LOL!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Alright me being a style innovator and trendsetter, my job is to ut ya'll up on the most sickest fUzZ out here. In my constant search to find more exotic dress shoes. I came across a new shoe brand called the TAJ COLLECTION. I rank these guys right next to ZOTA!!! And ya'll know how i feel about the zota's.Watch me FuZzn some TAJ's next week. These joints are bound to keep these haters talkin!!1

Thursday, November 1, 2007

FOR THE LOVE OF THE FuZz: DON C(Kanye's road manager)

Alright for those who are only familiar with Kanye west and the members of the G.O.O.D Music who are at the for front, I have to tell there is more. Meet the person who I refer to as Kanye's twin. His road manager, Don C. The reason why I call him that is because the majority of the time he wears some of the same items as kanye. However, at times he wears them better. YES, SOMEBODY DOES DRESS BETTER THAN KANYE!!!! It's the way he wears his clothes. Like take the Grammy's two years ago where kanye wore the lavender suit to perform in with the white gloves. Don C ends up wear the same suit just in pink. What I loved about it was he didn't wear all pink. He did up a white silk tie, a black dress shirt, white LV millionaire shades. He was killin it. I mean I love that fit. I mean who would have known to use the white to break up the color scheme. that was just so fUzZ. Well I could go on and on about don, but ya got the picks right there.