Monday, July 28, 2008

Heard somebody speak my name and fresh was next to it!!!

By reading this blog, you can tell one thing about me if nothing else. I am a die hard shopper!!! Purchased Two sweaters from one of my favorie stores, Express. Finally completed my Mens Express Sweater collection until the real heat comes out for the fall/winter season. They can't touch ya boy Milt-Fresh!!!! I mean as far as the sweater vests go, i've been stuntin with those since the 6th grade!!! Sweater vests, jeans and jordans!!! That was my style!!!It's something about a sweater vest that can be classy and laid back at the same time. It's how you dress it!! Me in the past year has been dressing them up.Throwing godfather hats or wide brim roaring 2's joints with them.

Red O.G. Stacy's

Yeah my guys at Classic Menswear in the Milford Mall orderd these for ya boy!!!!Cap toes or the old school refernce Buscuit toe Stacy's are a must, escpecailly in Red!!! You don't see that color like that!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My next shoe purchases!!!!

I was at one of my favorite stores recently, and I couldn't find nothin I really liked( well because I bought all the ill junk already). So one my homey who works there told me they had a shipment of new shoes. So homey told me to check out these new pair of Stacy's!!! mind you Stacy Adams hasn't even released their new fall cataloge, cause I would have seen it!!! But man they really step up their game on these pointed toe joints!!!! I'm lovin that dragon design on them. Trust the Fresh King will be freakin the FuZz out of these!!! I have the black ones on order!!!! If these are tough I would love to see the rest of the collection

Thursday, July 24, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: Veronica Smith a.k.a pookie!!!

Now for the latest installment of "For the love of the FuZz", we are going to take a look at a stylish Female. A Female I know very well. She is non other than my Girl Friend Veronica A.K.A Pookie!!! Now people have always said to me, "whoever your Girl Friend is,she has to be a Fly chick in order to run around town with you!!!" And you know what truth be told, that's a real statement!!!! And my pookie has never let me down thus far. Her style is what she would like to call, classy diva-ish. And living like the true queen she is, her favorite color is Purple. Now this is a girl who lives for heels. She probably has two pair of kicks, but everything else in her closet, are high heel stelletos, knee high boots, peep toes,open toe sandles, you name it she's got it. Aside from her clothes, she exmplifies, what it is to be a true Diva. Now a days, the term Diva has been covered in dirt and rine-stones, by Young project heffas on myspace and spoild snot nose bratty blonds on sweet 16. However, if females lead by Veronica's example, thy would know the do's and don'ts of being a true Diva. For one I know my Pookie Girl would say, "Just because your from the hood, doesn't mean you have to act like it." Now I will tell you, my pookie, is a nice girl, but get on her bad side!!! She will show you what being hood is all about!! lol! SO DON'T MISTAKE THAT KIND SMILE FOR WEAKNESS!!! But what she beleaves in, is not allowing yourself to use the hood as a crutch to stunt your growth. In which many of us from the inner city do. We make the excuse that because we're from the hood that gives us a right to act like jerks!!! And more so for our young black females. OK, enough Diva ideology. However, for those females who are trying to be my baby girl, it's not in those purple pumps you just saw her in. It's in ya confidence. She's a diva wether she's in the Purple Pumps or all white air force ones. And thats what attracts me to her. Keep it FuZz!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I would dance naked in the rain for these!!!!

Ok it ain't that bad!! lol! but I want these wally's though!!! I'm bout to come back out as the wally champ again. Had put up the baby blue joints, bout to bring em back out!!! Should pull out my all blacks!!! But these argyle joints are toooooo FuZz!!!


Yeah, I thought it over and I ain't coppin no Iphone!!! My job is to innovate, not imitate. Too many people sucking the life out of that joint. So my next phone, is the PALM joint!!!! Out of all the phones on AT&T I dig this one the most! I hate Blackberry's. I own the Tilt, and that junk is mean, but I don't bring it out like that. My baby right now is the red Black Jack II. But the Palm Joint is rather mean!!! That joint is on my must have list!!

We didn't land on plymoth Rock, Plymoth Rock landed on us!!!

Now befor I proceed with this blog entry, I want everybody to know, I AM NOT A MUSLIM, NEVER HAVE BEEN, AND NEVER WILL BE( I EAT TOO MUCH CHOPPED BBQ!!!)!! However, one thing I want to discuss is their dress code as far as the men are concerned. Now through rain, sleet, shine or snow, its nothing to see one of these gentlemen dressed to the nines on the street. I may not agree with their views because I'm a christian, however I dig how they condition each member into beleaving in the value of ones appearance. What I'm trying to covey is with them, the rebuiling process of a person starts within the mind. When most individuals latch on to a religion or group, they're usually at their lowest state of being. Now the individual is searching for something to help keep them grounded. I mean its wild to see a Muslim dude in the Hot sun selling papers, fully dressed to the nines in a suit. The idea is not so much pushing faith, however its a concept to live by for anybody regardless race or religon. I find it funny when people see me around town and they'll ask me aren't you hot with that suit on!!! But i've conditioned myself that no matter how warm or cold it is I have to dress at all times. I mean its summer time, its warm. We all know that. But, as people (mainly black people) we complain about the conditions. Them if we see someone who has decided to step outside of it and show will power, we feel we have to question such attire under these warm conditions. I mean lets look away from the muslim faith. lets look at Coperate America. There is no way you'll will make it as man in that feild without a shirt, tie, sport coat, slacks and shoes!!! I look at Donald trump and i can't imagine a time i've seen him without a suit! Why, because he's projecting an air of confidence and power. The confidence isn't in the suit. The confidence is what activates the it. Like a plane can't fly without a pilot. Body can't Function without a brain. However, It's like I said befor, people want to make fortune 500 money, but they don't want to do what it takes attain it. Casual friday turned has turned everybody into everyday sloppy!!!! If it's 80 degrees lets throw on flip flops and basket ball shorts, oh and because we don't want to see anybody else taking pride in their appearance, we want to discourage their stride!! My lord and savior Jesus Christ has given me another day to live, so i'm gonna give him another day to Stunt on em!!! Everybody asks me, how can you do it everyday? Easly, don't think about!! I forget what I have on, until someone is grillin me in the face!!!! It's just mind over matter!

Class is now in session!!!

Recently I have been teaching classes on fashion and style while my mops does classes on sewing and tailoring for our summer school program. So to aid me in such a feet, I had brought in portions of my collection to demonstrate it. This is one of those things where you just let everything you see speak for itself. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am addicted to the FuZz game. As we speak I have items on order!!! But ya'll just wait for FRIDAY!!! Ya'll will see what i'm really talikng about!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do I really want to respect his Swagg!!!??

Mr. Kinfolk Kia Shine, out of Memphis, TN. Not known so much for his rapping ability, but more for how much he brags on a track about his Swagg and how fly he is!! I waited five months to do this post, and i just couldn't take it no more. As far as his style goes I find myself strattling the Fence. Dor one he reminds me of slim thug!! Second, his style to me is nothing more thsn this Hood Rockstar stuff. I mean he's no king of hood fashion like Fabolous or Yukmouth from the Luniz(sidebar, if you don't know yukmouth, please google him, as far as hood fashion goes he's been a beast since 99), but at the same time he has a quality that makes you want to watch him. Like in the Krispy video I was kind of feelin his flow with the polo's and jeans. In the wow joint he kind of stepped it up with the Sweater vests, button down, with the jeans. The Krispy track ja cket that had the crispy cream logo was hot. And the Gucci jacket he sported withn the traffic jamz were cool. I'm kind of not feelin certain Gucci peices like that. They killin the mess out of dapper dan!!!! Now the Traffic Jam kicks are ok, its not the first time i've seen bedazzled kicks!!! But he does em ok. I'll say at times I do feel his swagg. Like in these pics he's doin his thing. His jeans, and the Loui Messenger add an extra umph to the situation (even though since they took these pics, every hood dude is killin Loui bags)!! I give him a B. Oh and 36 mafia are some suckaz for comin at dude sideways when he tried to squash beef to bring memphis up!!! Some dudes will never allow an individual to grow!!!

FuZzY like blurred vision!!!!

Hey FuZz world the world is yours!!! lol!!! chillin, today was a good day to max and relax!!! Ain't even do no shoppin today!!! Ain't that wild? Trust, Ya FuZz will hit the store come monday!!! You know peep the boys Fit!!! Had on the the peach godfather hat, had to pull out the old school Tommy Hilfiger, Brown Collection paint splater denim dress pants with the watching shall, through in the GBX slides. had to put uncle freddy up for a min!!! Had bring the H&M out of retirement!!We don't do much round here!!!! Normally I try to keep it humble. When i'm out and about, I try to keep my attitude lowkey. But sometimes I just got to do my braggin!!! So I vgots to let em know what its about right now!!! You are dealing with the Fresh-King. They ain't stoppin ya boy!!!! They pay me homage where ever I walk!!! I'm the Best-Dressed man on the planet!! I ain't waitin for Esquire's list!!!! I'm the Best dressed man without that list!!!! Get with the program!!! But, wait and see what I come out with Friday!!! It's on!!!

Too sexy for words!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

So Foolish with the Fendi!!!!

Yeah I know just a regular Tie to the average mere mortal, I already heard it from somebody who shall remain nameless( mom!!! LOL!). The pics of the Fendi Tie don't do it justice. With in the design of the white horses lies the many diffeent designs of the Fendi F logo!!!! Somebody might say who would know that unless they're all up on you. Well thats the beauty of it. I love peices that have a double meaning. As you read this blog one thing is apparent is that I am a Label Hog(I was told by a security guard at my uncles wedding back in 06 when I sported enormus Versace shades with the lag still on the lense, im from the hood, what would you expect). But what I like are peices that you have to look close at tell what they are. Like last year I purchased a Teal and Turquoise Coach tie that had the Coach logo c's in the design. At first glance it looks like flowers, but when you focuse on it you can see the Coach logo. Well back in September of 07 I was in the cafeteria waiting for another class, and there was a chick who was rather sweet on ya FuZz. So i'll never forget she's sittiing at the table with me and this other dude. Out of no where she's all up in my face. So im bout to be like get out of my face!!! LOL! So she says to me is that a Coach Tie? I say all this to say majority of the time people are all in my face analyzing my fit. And so those added touches Add more insult to injury. Where i'm from can't too many dudes say they own a Fendi tie!!! Theyre just gettin up on bootleg Prada world cup kicks!!! But lets take a toast to keeping it FuZzY!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some things ya money can't buy, like being this fly!!!!

It ain't easy bein the Flyest man in the city, the Best Dressed man on the planet!!!! had to pull Freddy boy out today!!!! The red and the blue was hittin today!!!!! Felt like a lil roaring twenties on em!!!! It was a good day today!!! Has to thank god for that!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


today a brotha was out shopping, yeah went nuts and decided to cop this sick Fred Perry Bag!! I mean if my FP Gym bags weren't enough, a brother had to come through and kill em with this bad boy!!! yo its funny, when ever I break out the Fred Perry bags, everybody wants to know first, who is Fred Perry and second, where can they get one. Well this one I ain't tellin, you got do this on ya own! Fred Perry bags are a must!! One FuZz ya'll!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What the Doctor order!!!!

Browsing the net for D&G Time watches, wich are the illest watches out right now!!! And came across this beauty which is known as the D&G Medicine watch!!! The colors automaticly caught my eye (yes aren't I the negro!!)!!!! Made from stainless steel, this watch is a great eye catcher and a conversation peice. I've grown ver fond of The D&G Time joints because they offer a different look than you see with most watches. They even give men a better variety!! Which at this time is needed. The only thing I hate about D&G is their adds for the watches!!! If you have seen them, you already know what I'm talking about!! I'm not even going to talk about it(shaking his head in digust!!)


Now many would says these shoes should only be worn in the summer because of the bright colors, I beg to disagree!!! I declar bright color boat shoes are FuZz all year round. Hey if you can rock bright bapes and air force ones all year long, I most definetly can wrock these all year. the thing is you just have to pair em just right. Say what you want about GBX, but they have been bringin a mean variety of shoes since the mid 90's, when Giorgi Brutini(the parent company to GBX)saught out to battle other Urban Shoe brands such as Lugs and Karl Kani. As the outcome GBX is still standing to this day, basicly because they know how to recreate a shoe. Like they did with the Wallabbees. The Set themselves apart with that shoe, by putting a golden tab on them that said GBX. That lil tab gave a huge distinction between them and other competitors. This is where a brand like Steve Madden is able to come into its own(just stevenmadden has more credit as a fashion brand). But trust I will have a couple pairs come Fall!!!