Monday, July 14, 2008

So Foolish with the Fendi!!!!

Yeah I know just a regular Tie to the average mere mortal, I already heard it from somebody who shall remain nameless( mom!!! LOL!). The pics of the Fendi Tie don't do it justice. With in the design of the white horses lies the many diffeent designs of the Fendi F logo!!!! Somebody might say who would know that unless they're all up on you. Well thats the beauty of it. I love peices that have a double meaning. As you read this blog one thing is apparent is that I am a Label Hog(I was told by a security guard at my uncles wedding back in 06 when I sported enormus Versace shades with the lag still on the lense, im from the hood, what would you expect). But what I like are peices that you have to look close at tell what they are. Like last year I purchased a Teal and Turquoise Coach tie that had the Coach logo c's in the design. At first glance it looks like flowers, but when you focuse on it you can see the Coach logo. Well back in September of 07 I was in the cafeteria waiting for another class, and there was a chick who was rather sweet on ya FuZz. So i'll never forget she's sittiing at the table with me and this other dude. Out of no where she's all up in my face. So im bout to be like get out of my face!!! LOL! So she says to me is that a Coach Tie? I say all this to say majority of the time people are all in my face analyzing my fit. And so those added touches Add more insult to injury. Where i'm from can't too many dudes say they own a Fendi tie!!! Theyre just gettin up on bootleg Prada world cup kicks!!! But lets take a toast to keeping it FuZzY!!

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