Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family Ties!!!!

Okm so later after the lights, cameras and action of the parade was over, we headed over to my aunts crib for a cookout!!! It was kind of messed up because my aunt was in the hospital while the cookout was going!! She was tooooooooo pissed!!! Well anyway got some pics of the new generation!!! It feels like it wasn't that long ago I was there age runnin around, beatin the mess out of my cousins!! Now them dudes got kids of their own. My mom havin flash backs of me as a baby, holdin my cuz josh's son!!! Oh, lil homegirl chillin with the game face is my favorite cousin Malcom daughter, (Free Malcom a.k.a Boy Boy). Oh lil homey with the close up, is my cousin Angie's son Mario (I call him mini me!! Thats how I looked as a kid lol!!)!!!
Then we got my cousin Swipper( She always tryna jack me for my phones!!) LOL!!!!
Oh yeah, trust I ride heavy!!! LOL! Nah that's my Cousin Earl's whip!!! He goes sick with the car game!!! He ain't on that tryna come out here with these supped up hood whips!!! He said thirty's the new twenty so he's all grown up!!! He cops cars that speaks for themseleves!! Had the Lex, Got rid of it!!!! was one of the first with the Chrysler 500 with the Bentley grill, got rid of it!!! Now he killin em with the Benz, "he told me let me see em get that!!!" oh and that's nothin but hard earned legal money!!! Ain't got time for blood money!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Awwww look At The Baby I Wanna Hold Him Like Now lol. And The Lil Boy With The Close Up(Mini You) His Sooooo Cute. He Look Like He Might Be Bad On The Low lol. The Lil Girl In the Yellow Shirt She's A Cutie But She Looks Like She's Bad Maybe Maybe not. Back To The Baby Up Top He Is Adoreable I Want Him. I Am Soooo Feeling The Benz I Wanna Drive It Like Now lol.