Saturday, July 19, 2008

FuZzY like blurred vision!!!!

Hey FuZz world the world is yours!!! lol!!! chillin, today was a good day to max and relax!!! Ain't even do no shoppin today!!! Ain't that wild? Trust, Ya FuZz will hit the store come monday!!! You know peep the boys Fit!!! Had on the the peach godfather hat, had to pull out the old school Tommy Hilfiger, Brown Collection paint splater denim dress pants with the watching shall, through in the GBX slides. had to put uncle freddy up for a min!!! Had bring the H&M out of retirement!!We don't do much round here!!!! Normally I try to keep it humble. When i'm out and about, I try to keep my attitude lowkey. But sometimes I just got to do my braggin!!! So I vgots to let em know what its about right now!!! You are dealing with the Fresh-King. They ain't stoppin ya boy!!!! They pay me homage where ever I walk!!! I'm the Best-Dressed man on the planet!! I ain't waitin for Esquire's list!!!! I'm the Best dressed man without that list!!!! Get with the program!!! But, wait and see what I come out with Friday!!! It's on!!!

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