Saturday, January 31, 2009

The culture really sucks!!!!!!

Maybe i'm being to harsh, but it kills me how stores and brands all capitalize on an underground look to generate dollars. However, this is what forces true trendsetters, innovators, and straight up individuals to be originnal. But along with being original comes hate and ridicule!!! But thats a risk i'm willing to take!!!! Cause this freakin sucks!!!! Bunch of Suckaz!!!!

nothin major, just a lil somethin to feed the habit!!!

Yeah rolled up in Express and copped this Express sweater hoody. Really nothin major, just fed my shopping habit!!! Had been clockin it for a min. But trust watch what a brotha cops next week!!!! Its on!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

I saw the revolation then he just spoke the truth

What's FuZzN world? Milt-Fresh in the spot for my weekly rant!!!! Man I swear I should have been casted for the lead role in Confessions of a Shopahalic!!! Cause I seriously have a problem!! I'm sooooo in a Tizzy cause I ain't cop the two LO(polo) Sweaters tonight!!!!! Them joints would go down sick in my Sweater collection. Well there is tommorrow. Yeah, I was on my Tuxedo Chic joint this week, FuZzEd it hard with the White Skulled out Mo's!! Finally did the show at JP's!!! Joint was sick. Dudes thought when they heard the name Milt-Fresh, they were gonna get some white T Ed hardy Jean wearing sucka!!! But by the time I got on stage they ain't know what to think. Then when I started flowin they couldn't tell me nothin!!! Rockin Jordans, Mich don't even dress like you!!!! LOL! Yo best Honey BBQ wings in country are at Mama Mary's on Whalley Ave!!! I'm tellin you, ya'll will be hooked for life!!!! R-Les's new video is too mean!!!! YOU RENIGGER!!!! lol!!! That junk is stupid!!!! Any way, til next time, stay FuZz people!!!!

Straight classic FuZz!!!!

Jada drapping himself in the legendary Australian Wool knit Coogi Sweater for the letter to b.i.g video speaks so many volumes to hip-hop style and hip-hop in general. There was no one who could have pulled the look off iller(maybe Raekwon). For one Jada lived through that whole Coogi, Iceberg, Mischino era. This look beats to the pulse of the Ghetto Fabolous. For Jada, its a reminder of where he needs to be

Thursday, January 29, 2009

GBX Joints is seriously FuZzEd out!!!!

I'm tellin you right now, next to the Mo's these have to be the sickest pair of slip on Mocs!!To be honest these are a lil sicker than the Mo's. These attack the market with futuristic style. It seems like these shoes were inspired by some type Vehichle of some sort(most shoes are).These two joints are on Milt-Fresh's radar as well. Specially the white and blue joints.

God's Son in his element!!!!

Now this is what i'm tallking about!!! Man Complex Mag had Nas lookin crazy last year!!!! But this freakin embodies Nas's style to the fullest!!! Nas becoming the new face of Fila is a great look for the culture. Many years Nas used to Photographed in Fila Sweat suits. He even Rhyhmed about his homey Ill Will being barried in Fila Sneakers and Fila Suit. I remember one interview he did where he talked about how dudes in Queensbridge projects used to get fly in Fila Sweat Suits on Easter Sunday. Then lets not forget about the cover of Stillmatic!!! Need I say more? Nas this is a great look for you. don't allow these suckaz to have you looking lookin like Lupe!!! You are a Trendsetter from the get go! ! FuZz!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

bars of death!!!!

Tonight ya boy had to spit down at JP's Ultra Lounge in West Haven. The picyures really don't do this night justice(too much was goin on, and these were taken befor junk started). Yo befor I go on I have to say I straight murderd the Mic!!!! Yo why I hit em with the line, "you rockin jordans, Mich don't even dress like you" man why chicks and dudes started checkin they're feet? You i'm mad niggaz had it on film and lost it!!! Technology sucks!!! It don't matter, matter of fact my boy Fitz who runs the show was taping it for his television show, The Early Morning Mob(My second time on the show. If you live in the New Haven Area, it will air on CTV, People have seen it already). Hovie its all good, cause when I get right you gonna be right(yo do not mess with Hovie, don't let the face fool you, he will let you have it)!!!! AND MOST OF ALL SHOUT OUT TO MY POOKIE GIRL, RONI WHO CAME OUT WITH ME!!! Oh and do ya'll suckaz see her shoe game she layin down on these birds!!!?? Shotey right there is a 10!!!!!! LOL! Inside joke!!! But yo, suckaz was in the crowd was tryna hate to I aired em out on the bars!!!! Blood suckin parasite, you ain't half as nice, if ignorance is bliss, then stupidity is paradise!!!!! Man I ain't writing no more down up here for these sucka biters to steal!!!!! Swagger Jackers!!! Yo I went so hard until I threw the mic over my shoulder at the end of my performance!! I was not playin!!! But all in all it was a great night. remember technology sucks!!! Love peace and FuZz ya'll!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

09 winter mo's!!!! I couldn't help it!!!

The 09 winter collection for Masimo NY is out and these joints are on my to get list!!!!! Everybody knows i'm a collector of Mo's!!! The grey plaid and the bone stripped joints are sick!!! Those will be on my feet most def!!! Its wild how I pust suckaz up on this FuZz junk. Remember who put ya'll up on it first!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is a public service announcment to ALL MY HATERS: THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME AND THE COMPITION!!!!!

I KNOW THIS IS A CHEAP SHOT TO THESE SUCKAZ!!!!! YES I DO FEEL A LIL BAD!!!! O.K. I DON'T!!!! BUT ITS LIKE JAY SAID, YOU MAKIN MONEY BEIN YOU, BUT STILL YOU WANT TO BE ME!!! THIS BLOG HAS BEEN HATER TESTED AND FRESHLY APPROVED. This has been a paid public service announcement by the Milt-fresh experience!!! Mmilt-Fresh best dressed aka the original Dr.GQ

How you livin?

What's FuZzN ya'll? Kind of been a monumental set of events going on. Yes as everybody knows we do have a new president and yes he's black!!!! People just can't get enough of that. I just hope people can get over the novelty of this and let Obama do his job!!!! Other than that, after soooo much anticipation the 27th is coming!! What's happening? Ya boy Milt-Fresh will be spittin bars of death at JP's lounges Open Mic night!!! Gots to let em know what the deal is. India Aries Strength courage and wisdom is a joint that has gotten me through the hardest points in my life. Yo i'm officially not feelin the club scene anymore. The dinners are where it's at. Canibus is hands down the sickest rapper alive!!!!!!!! 310 Boat shoes is toooooooo sick!!!!! Doesn't mean i'm enthused with the whole shoe line!!!!! I REALLY CAN'T STAND THE HURRICANES!!!!!! Noreaga's I love my life featuring carl Thomas has to be one of my favorite tracks of all time. Can'y wait til my Plaid Wallys come in!!!! Those are gonna hurt some feelins!!!! Yo its funny how theres so many dudes in New Haven who try to act like big fish in a small pond. Well I must go, til next time take care of yourselves!! FuZz

Friday, January 23, 2009

FuZzEd out Fit!!! My!!! Brother Seagal!!!

Now he knows how it felt to be me for a day!!! LOL! But he most def cruched this fit. Glad to see you home Lil Bro!!! Keep ya head up!!

Arab Money!!!!!

Now befor I go any further, these are not to be refered to as the Arab Scarves!!! They are really called, kuffiyehs which were used for showing national pride amongst Palistinians. Now that I got the history lesson out the way, now i can spazz!!!! These suckaz really have freakin saturated the market with these joints!!!! Man I remember my mom used to wear these when they weren't even popular!!!! Thats why society is a bunch of spineless suckaz who can't decide what's ill for themselves!!!! I was cool when Kanye first brought the trend to the forefront in the can't tell me nothin video. However, it wasn't til kanye's appearance Jeezy's put on for my city, that Palistinian pride took flight on the wings of all stars and trend humpers. It's funny when dudes rock skinny jeans with the scarf drapped from their back pockets like it was a bandanna. Soon as I saw the look sported in in the Milford Mall I knew we were in trouble. Trends really kill me. Well it's not the trends in a sense. Its the suckaz wearing them thinking at the forefront!!!! Wouldn't be rockin it if it wasn't for a rapper!!!! That's why I do what I want!!! Cause I don't need no sucka to dictate to me what's hot!!!! I dictatte to these suckaz what's live!!!!!Moral of the story is be yourself!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An affair like no other: The Inaugeral Ball at New Haven's Omni hotel!!!! Trust the FuZzY Boys was in there!!!!!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, brats of all ages, ya boy Milt-Fresh and my partner in crime, brotha from another mother hovie the great, rolled downtown to the Omni Hotel for New Havn's Inaugeral Ball that comemerated Barak Obama's Inaugeration into the white House. Yes the boy have and fresh made sick waves at the event(no I didn't say wavey!!!!!). But, man it was so much going on, I can't even remember. oh the King of the city milt-Fresh was rippin the dance floor apart on the salsa joint!!! Oh ya'll ain't know milt-fresh knew how to get his bilar on(ok so I only learned a few things in high school spanish). Yo befor I go any further, shout out to my boy Hovie the great who was killin the London Fog coat!!! Dudes ain't up on London fog!! Joint is old school!!! Step the FuZz up!!! Milt-Fresh killed the Salsa Room!!!! They wasn't ready!!! They ain't know the FrEsH-KiNg could bilar!!!! Oh and Hovie and I got interviewd by the New Haven Independant!!! Shout out to them cause the New Haven Register is a seriously biest publication. But anyway i must go, sleep is kicking my butt!!! Great night!!! Stay FuZz ya'll!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

She brings me peace!!

Today on MLK b-day it felt rather weird and unsettling. I don't know, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Anyway, I decided to go casual FuZz and pull out the Marc Ecko jacket. Joint is one of the first jackets they came out with befor they dubned it Cut and Sew. Haven't worn it in a min. Decided to pull it out!!! Hurt a lot of feelings today with this joint. Agrivating haters wasn't really doing it for me. The only thing that made me feel comfortable was being with my queen. Trust the QT was needed. It's like when John Legend said she brings me peace when the storms outside!!! Like I said, she don't see me as Milt-Fresh, She see's me for Milton!!That's the type of woman I need in my life. And trust I thank the lord every day for having her apart of my world!!! I love you Pookie!

Another Jack move!!!!

Once again ya boy Mil-Fresh has found another person who has pulled a jack move with my style. i should have never said I didn't like Argyle sweaters(I STILL DON'T!!!). So Like I said, I was watching America's Best Dance crew and I seen dude Lando Wilkins from Boxcuttuz rockin my Blue black and grey large Argyle design Express sweater!!!! Yes I know My mink scarf is covering up my pic that shows how it goes to Work!!! even though i'm not a fan of the whole 80's nerd vibe anymore(so 04 05), I do like the way he incorperates the sweater into his look. Most dudes who i've seen rock express items do freak it with originality. I mean their peicesforce you to wear them different. Dudes just need to stay out of my closet!!!!! LOL!