Saturday, January 3, 2009

the tux or the tooly???!!!!

I swear Ye crushed this tux!!!!!! This is how you stand out at a black tie event and are forced to wear a tux!!! Personally I go Tuxedo Chic(what I call wearing a tux on a reg for no reason). See the key is to put peices together that will make the outfit stand out from the rest. Like kanye rocking the LV mink scarf(which he rocked befor while he was with ex alexes phifer). i always loved that peice. Then the clincher are the shoes!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!! THE PATEN LEATHER WALLY HARD BOTTOMS!!!!Yo these shoes, put all the ballers out of commission!!!!! It has the mullet effect!!!!! All in a nut shell, the fit is sick!!! Ye crushed it again!! The crazy junk is Kanye already declared that he's not on the hard botton shoes kick. So for him to move on these is kind of wild. However, like I said, you really can"t put these in the shoes category!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well Well Well. If Kanye Aint Just Shap And Snazzy Then Hell Done Froze Over lol. I Am Feeling Kanye In This Outfit He Is Really Killing It. Babe I Can See You Wearing That Scarf. But kanye Pulled This One Off