Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tommy Hilfiger still got it!!!!

Tommy is hands down one of the best american designers next to Tom Ford. To me he's always battled with Ralph Lauren to bring out country club/ Preppy Luxurey. And with his appeal to hood he had a great run til the slander of rascism brought side lined him. Even though his sales did dcline, because of it, it didn't stop many people from the ghettos across America to stop wearing his garments!! I mean I sure didn't. I'll never forget Jay-Z in streets is watchin runnin into the hotel room with dame dash with his Yankee fitted tilted with a Hilfiger Sweatshirt. After that sales in that particular shirt went up. Excuse me, but I just love to go down memory lane. But his work is still FuZz to this day!!! I mean look at the pics. The illest is the Crew Kneck Stars joint!!! I could see that being part of my arsonel!!!!


Dominica said...

love the starry sweater - would go nicely with my scarf (dark blue and off-white felted wool (stars))

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Agree I love That Sweater With The Stars I Love Stars So I Like That Sweater And I like The Coat On The Bottom.