Saturday, January 10, 2009

The only pair of Mo's I don't own!!!!

So i'm at the store where they sell the Masimo NY joints(if you know then you know, but I ain't just gonna give up secrets like that!!), and my dude who works up in there says to me, man you really go hard with buying this brand. And I told him yeah, they the best when it comes to style and comfort!!! I mean what shoe do you know that still has a flashy edge and still brings comfort in the picture. I mean Wally's will always be my joints. but the thing about them is, if you cop a pair of clarks, they're only gonna stick to the script. You might get lucky and find some off the wall colors (like N carolina blue official joints in which I own)but for the most part you gonna see only their standard colors. Besides after every old school dude over 30 came out of their thrown jersey's and fitteds, they decided to pull out the puff vest, kangol, and a pair of clarks to rep old school. So really that ain't original no more round here. So to keep it Original and FuZz a brotha like me gots to Pull out the Mo's!!! Yeah that's the term for Masimo NY's for those not in the know!!!!! I have all of them except for the all black Vipers!!! I do need those in my life!!! Oh and trust ya FuZz will have them!!! It ain't a joke!!!

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