Saturday, January 10, 2009

Power moves behind the stitch

As styles have come and gone in the last three years, it's apparent that things aren't the same. It's funny, when I go to a store I like to look at the collection of items as a whole that represent that brand. Which tells me a lil about what the major power players of the brand are trying to convey to consumers. You can tell if they're putting thought into items or are they just slapping sex on a shirt and some jeans just to make a buck. Well in 08 a lot of moves were made behind the scenes in the offices that control the needle and thread in the sweat shops of china. A lot of today's hip-hop moguls have purchased a lot of these brands. And when you sit back and look at it you can tell the influence they have on the line. Then sometimes you can't tell at all. However, at times it's very aparent. Like hip-hop mogul Jay-z purchased one of today's leading Urban Brands Artful Dodger. Not for nothin in my opinion, i'm not surprised. Because when I see today's Rocawear designs I see Artful Dodger. There is nothing that seperates the two except for the name. and if anything, I may be wrong, but It looks like the same design team is used for both. I equate this with the way rappers use ghost rappers to right raps for em. At times you can tell a certain rapper has wrote the rhyme. Same thing applies to fashion. To me this act is a gift and a curse. For one it's great to see a black Man be able to to make moves like this. As a culture its great. For people from the hood, people are struggling to purchase a home. So for a black man to own not one but two clothing lines it's great. But creatively what does it say for fashion. Will it be inspirational to the style community? Or will it be a clone of the other brand you put out just tryin to generate more dollars. I mean think about it, it's easy to put out something that's already out to the public. It requires more thought, more heart and more edge to bring innovative edge to the public. i guess i'm being harsh but Artful dodger and Rocawear are brands that just compete in the market. besides Jay,there is also Nelly who has decided to take on the responsibility of being the owner of the defuncted Troop clothing. Troop which was very popular in the 80's for bold jackets(like the one that nelly has on from the 07 rip the runway which LL cool j used to be known for wearing), sweatsuits and kicks. It kills me what put this brand under. They ended up falling victum to rumors of the brand being ran by racially charged white supremasists with the intent to generate dollars from the black community. From their people all over stopped buying the brand. they even said the name was an acronynm for somethin about black people(my memory fading, im getting old). But for nelly to take this on is a easy and hard task. For one if he gets the right design team together(I dout nelly is that hands on with the line)they have a chance to recreate something that today's market can relate to without going all Fila on people. Not too many of today's youth are concearned with the brands past than how the garment looks. So it might be able to make a comeback. But once again he has to have the right design team to do this. I just hope this don't turn into Vokal over again!!! I mean everbody is doing it!!! Even Mr. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, is the proud new owner of PNB nation!!! Yes, the PNB nation that was huge aroung 98-99 and 2000. Not for nothin they've found a way to make the brand relevent and I can't really hate on it. But the biggest moves had to be made by the ultimit hip hop mogul, the king of the remix, the take that man, the original bad boy, Mr. Sean "P-Diddy"combs. Aside from Sean John, diddy has also bought the rights of Eyce from get this, LIZ CLAIBORN!!!! LIZ CLAIBORN!!! ya'll do not know what that meant to me!!!! For one I respect Liz Claiborn, I even rock the dress shirts, but to me it's the biggest slap in the face to the hood!!! I mean come on!!!!! Thats freakin wild slave Labor!!!! Black people buy into these brands thinking they're supporting their own when in actuality your supporting an established conglomerate!!! This junk is nothing but freakin smoke and mirrors!!!! you have to figure since the time Liz Claiborn bought Enyce in 2003 up to 2008 how much money they made off of Negros!!!!!???? Non of those corperate fat cats at LC would never be caught dead with an Enyce Sweater!!!!!So to me it's a better look for diddy to attain the rights, specially cause diddy and his design team don't play!!!! One thing is I respect Sean John!!!! Most of all I respect what the brand means to fashion and hip-hop. Because Diddy is about innovation and perfection. But diddy just doesn't stop there!!! The dude purchased stock in get this one ZAC POSEN!!!! YES FREAKIN THE FREAKIN NEXT MARC JACOBS, ZAC POSEN!!!! Now that I look back at it, that explanes why Zac Posen did BET's 08 Rip the Runway. You figure diddy was intrumental with that show from begining to the end!!!!! So what better way to showcase fashion's new talent than at diddy's own event. Everytime I saw that show I always wonderd how diddy freaked that!!! I mean Zac Posen really doesn't need Diddy!!! He has a huge clientele from Kate Hudson, Rhianna, Liv Tyler, clair danes, and many other of Hollywood's elite!!!! But for Diddy it's the greatest investment!!!! To me all of these guys purchasing clothing lines is a good thing for them. But style wise, depending on who and what brand wise is questionable. With Zac Posen, diddy ain't got no say so!!!! He's just a silent partner!!!!! Very Silent!!! Well aside from taking pictures and posing together at parties!!! Ya'll don't understand fashion is more than what's on the wracks in stores!!!!! People ya'll have to school yaselves!!!! stay up on this stuff, know who your supporting when you buy clothes!!!!

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