Friday, January 16, 2009

MFTV Presents TRUE LIFE: i'm the King of the City

What's FuZzN ya'll, man this is one week i'm glad thats over!!! Crazy week. Some points the walls felt like the walls were closing in. Most definetly feelin like public enemy number one!!!! But definetly heavy is the head that wears the crown!!!! Cause if I handed this crown to the people they'd be sellin their souls for it!!!! Trust,it's feelin like people are sacrifisin their integrity for attention. God bless em!! I can't beleave I still love em but they don't love me, They like the drunk uncle in ya family!!!! Yeah I had dear summer on the brain. But any way, Yo i'm freakin clockin the Lavender suede playboys and the Plaid Wallys!!!! Gots to have em!!!! Gots the Dashiki suit with the Tommy Hilfiger Argyle sweater vest!!For the record, I can't stand Argyle sweaters!!! Basicly cause I used to kill them back in 2004. The only way i rocks an Argyle joint is if it has something distinct. Like the Hilfiger h in this peice with that circa 1985 on it. Oh it was a great year!!!! LOL! Yo you know what gets me. It's when people talk that they do things for the love of their art and craft of their profession instead of the money. but, how many of those people would actually take a pay cut and cut or just resort to voluntering their services. Just a thought. Randomly just popped in my head!!! Any way I must go. Keep ya heads up, stay FuZz!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well If You Dont Mind Me Saying I love The Way U Looking In These Pics You Lookin Mighty Handsome. And Babe Please Believe Nobody Can Wear Ya Crown Like You Can. See They Look At And And Say They Wanna Wear It But They Dont Want The Responsibilities That Come Along With It Cause They Cant Handle It Like You Can.