Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stylin on you!!!!!

I've always felt a certain way about music and hollyood stars, in terms of fashion. It feel like its pretty much unnatural. In a sense that most stars have stylists!!! more so almost poserish. The stylist is in charge of creating an image for the star. Making it seem like they're more into fashion. When walking down a red carpet event, they ask the star "who are you wearing"? OK yes you can blurt out a name. But you didn't go to the boutique to go pick out said outfit!!! It was just in your hotel room when you arrived from the airport!!! Think about it like this. The stylists job is to pick out clothes for stars,that will leave an everlasting effect on the masses. Think of what J-Lo's green revealing versace dress to an awards event(when she was dating diddy) or lil kims pastey boob hanging out look(thanks to diddy's ex). And I will go down saying most stars and Models are just walking Manikans. In all actuality, it's the stylist that are the ones who should be getting the glory for the look of night. Out of an inustry where stylist come a dime a dozen, I feel Rachel Zoe(the white woman for those not in the know) and June Ambrose (obviously the black woman) are the two top stylist who have helped shaped pop culture. June whose notorius for working with Hip-hop's elite from Jay-Z to Mary J. Blidge, she's sculted different looks that have left lasting empressions from the stage, to the club and to the street. When Jay decided to introduce the world to the Grown and Sexy movement (which is begining to wear on my nerves), I hope you didn't think he did it on his own(plus Kenny burns and his Ryan Kenny clothing). When excuse me miss came out, it seemed like Jay and the rest of the Roc Boys got fitted in Barneys for the club. Which is the gveneral peerception, since all rappers talk about is loui this, gucci that. It was through June Ambrose that the look was acheived. Now not to say that through Jay's dealings with haberdasheries, he hasn't learned a thing or two about fine men's clothes. but for most monumental looks, best beleave that june had a hand in it. In vibes anniversary issue, Jay was seen sporting a white zip up motorcyle inspired hoody(I beleave it was YSL), with a grey and white loui scarf, Gucci logo belt, and limited edition wash rocawear jeans, and shell toes. A look that made a huge statement as far as fashion went. I would have loved to beleave that was all jays doing. But when i saw the credits, it said styled by June Ambrose. We can't forget Rachel Zoe!!! man this is one woman who was able to create clones of herself all through out the world in women's fashion. What Rachel embodies is LA chic. Which a lot of times catches flack for being too over board(see details mag i forgot the issue). But her style is a throw back to the whole 60 70's studio 5, style. Wild print dresses, flowing dresses.Overly huge shades(really I started that in 03 in hillhouse, Ralph Lauren polo shades), huge metallic bags, mettalic pumps, go go boots!!! She is even one of the few who have still wear fur!! Take that PETA!!!!! But it's so freakin raw!!! Her style is most definetly needed. it's just when she styles, her form leaves so much of an impression on style watcher until everybody wants to dress like her. She's style females like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, jessica simpson and nicole Richey. In my opinion she takes vintage to the 80 millionth degree and overloads everybody. Meaning all of her clients sort of look alike. But lord knows those females look like they know what they're doing. It was funny, when lindsay lohan decided to go cammando the first time, she was in a vintage print dress and overly huge shades. Styled by zoe. It made headlines all over. but most of all it tured a lot more people on to the style ability of Rachel Zoe. To me I just wish more stars would follow there own instincts when it came to dressing themselves. Maybe not cause it probaly mean they don't know anything about having style!!! Thats why I always liked kanye, because he demanded to def jam that he didn't need a stylist(even though he does travel with IBN JASPER, even though he's a barber, I hear he still offers tips). He's more intricate in his looks than the majority of artist. Kanye makes no bones that his crew( Don and Ibn) travel round the world, in search of clothes that are the best of the best of the best. Which is what all people should do when they go shopping. Looking at the illest items the store has to offer. Which helps developes a person's taste in style. Now i we can get everyone else to think like that.

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You Know What I Like Rachel Zoe. She Kinda Cocky But I like her