Friday, January 23, 2009

Arab Money!!!!!

Now befor I go any further, these are not to be refered to as the Arab Scarves!!! They are really called, kuffiyehs which were used for showing national pride amongst Palistinians. Now that I got the history lesson out the way, now i can spazz!!!! These suckaz really have freakin saturated the market with these joints!!!! Man I remember my mom used to wear these when they weren't even popular!!!! Thats why society is a bunch of spineless suckaz who can't decide what's ill for themselves!!!! I was cool when Kanye first brought the trend to the forefront in the can't tell me nothin video. However, it wasn't til kanye's appearance Jeezy's put on for my city, that Palistinian pride took flight on the wings of all stars and trend humpers. It's funny when dudes rock skinny jeans with the scarf drapped from their back pockets like it was a bandanna. Soon as I saw the look sported in in the Milford Mall I knew we were in trouble. Trends really kill me. Well it's not the trends in a sense. Its the suckaz wearing them thinking at the forefront!!!! Wouldn't be rockin it if it wasn't for a rapper!!!! That's why I do what I want!!! Cause I don't need no sucka to dictate to me what's hot!!!! I dictatte to these suckaz what's live!!!!!Moral of the story is be yourself!!!!

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