Saturday, January 24, 2009

How you livin?

What's FuZzN ya'll? Kind of been a monumental set of events going on. Yes as everybody knows we do have a new president and yes he's black!!!! People just can't get enough of that. I just hope people can get over the novelty of this and let Obama do his job!!!! Other than that, after soooo much anticipation the 27th is coming!! What's happening? Ya boy Milt-Fresh will be spittin bars of death at JP's lounges Open Mic night!!! Gots to let em know what the deal is. India Aries Strength courage and wisdom is a joint that has gotten me through the hardest points in my life. Yo i'm officially not feelin the club scene anymore. The dinners are where it's at. Canibus is hands down the sickest rapper alive!!!!!!!! 310 Boat shoes is toooooooo sick!!!!! Doesn't mean i'm enthused with the whole shoe line!!!!! I REALLY CAN'T STAND THE HURRICANES!!!!!! Noreaga's I love my life featuring carl Thomas has to be one of my favorite tracks of all time. Can'y wait til my Plaid Wallys come in!!!! Those are gonna hurt some feelins!!!! Yo its funny how theres so many dudes in New Haven who try to act like big fish in a small pond. Well I must go, til next time take care of yourselves!! FuZz

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