Monday, January 5, 2009

Rappers that deserve shine in 09

You are looking at the illest line up of MC's ever put together!!!! Jadakiss, Canibus, the Clipse, and Oschino(from State Property, and the duo O and sparks). This is another fact I don't mind arguing. The sad part about all of these artist's careers is the issue of label politics and marketing. It's been said over the years that it's hard to market a Punchline Rapper or Lyricist because of the fact that it's hard for them to construct a hot radio friendly song. And when you look at all of these rappers, Lyrically they're in a league all their own. However, they have the hardest time cracking the top ten charts. I'll never forget a freestyle Jadakiss spat where you could feel his anguish about a lack luster rap career. He gruffed on the track "I could have a brand new start again, as long as LA ain't cheap with marketing". Meaning that LA Reid head of Def Jam is willing to shell out cash for his promotion he could have a hit album. For over 10 years Jada has had the ear of the streets with his gritty hardcore, street retrospective flow. However, each of his solo efforts have had a hard time reaching beyound the project benches and into the homes of White America. Then we look at the man who in my opinion is pound for pound the Best Rapper Alive, CANIBUS!!!!!! The tear dropper is that he gets no respect for being a hot MC with Rhymes that jump leaps and bounds far beyound those of mortal men. If you haven't heard CANIBUS, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND HIT YOUTUBE AND LISTEN TO HIS BARS!!!!! They will litrally have you in a daze. So you say if he's so great why hasn't he hasn't been rewarded for the fruits of his 16 bars? Well one is do to his battle with the egotistical, sears clothing line selling, heart throb rapper ll cool j. I can't front, l's diss to Canibus on 5,4,3,2,1 was one of the rawest son a new rapper disses that ever came out. But that one verse has nothing on anything Canibus ever put out. 2nd round KO was filled with raw truth about LL and exposed his character!!! Man said I'll stick you for ya vanguard award in front of ya moms, ya first, second, and third born, have ya wife get on the horn, call minister farakhan!!! Man that is classic!!! But in the long Canibus being a new rapper couldn't compete with LL's seniority in the rap game. I mean 99 percent of his fans don't exist really wasn't that much of a crushing blow in a rap, but to millions of gullable fans that bought into LL's rants, canibus was tossed into the sea of the forgotten. plus he was done dirty by Wyclef!!! Then you have the clipse who have some of the illest word play when it comes to life colliding with the ills of the drug game. From their major success, drum beat banging "Grindin" it's been hard for Pusha T and Malice to stay afloat on a major label. Getting swept up in Label politics they weren't able to put out another album since their introduction album to the world. Since being apart of Pharrell's star track union, you know these guys will always be takin care of!!! But these guys are too talented to be like bleek and be one hit away their whole career and as long as for-reel is a live they millionares!!!! These guys even Ghost write for many of today's rappers. I mean imagine their hit off their second album (hell has no fury)Mr. Me Too, was givin to P-diddy for his press play album like originally planned!! Hard to conceive, but imagine how much puff would have given for those lyrics plus the beat. Then factor in puff's doin it!!! It would have been a cross over hit all every where. But because two dopeboys turned rappers from Virginia did it, it only became a trendsetter's anthem aimed at Posers. Then last but not least we have Oschinio from the roc!!! This one out of all hurts me a lil more than the rest.I followed oschino from my high school days when he was apart of thos legendary Freestyles at Hot 97 with the rest of the Roc. spittin about how he used to come to class drunk with a thousand duckets, used to fight bigger kids just swingin and duckin, and here was my favorite part of the line, HE USED TO ARGUE WITH THE COPS WITH HIS MINK UNBUTTONED!!! Man from that point i was hooked!!!! He used to spit that cocky big boss talk rap that was only matched by jay!!! But other than rapping about Luxery clothes he spat about the stresses of life. Murder was the case that they gave me I spanked it, the stress in my mind I try to block out, drinkin Hennessy till my liver start to conk out, got shot nine times but I refused to give up names, rather see that man in a coffin than see him in a cage, hair falling out like i went through Chemotherapy. Man that ain't even everything. Man Oschino is a dude that inspired me to want to rap. But getting caught up in the dimestic dispute between Jay and Dame, Oschino became another Rapper caught in a custody battle of Rocafella artists. Which ened with him being dropped from the label. To me it's hard watching the success o a Lil Wayne, knowing that there are other rappers that are far more talented and gifted but are not receiving proper shine. My dudes and I always talk about, what is it that's gonna make these guys mainstram successes??? There is no different between wayne and any of these guys!!! Wayne talks the same wild drug gun talk like the tipical rapper with an unorthidox approach(which a times is unappealing). I guess we chalk it up to it's wayne's time!!! And the artists have reached their peek!!! But as far as Lyrics go, jate or love my opinion, these artists are the best in the world!!!! honorable mention would have to go to t-Rex and Murder Mook for killn the battle circut!!!

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