Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An affair like no other: The Inaugeral Ball at New Haven's Omni hotel!!!! Trust the FuZzY Boys was in there!!!!!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, brats of all ages, ya boy Milt-Fresh and my partner in crime, brotha from another mother hovie the great, rolled downtown to the Omni Hotel for New Havn's Inaugeral Ball that comemerated Barak Obama's Inaugeration into the white House. Yes the boy have and fresh made sick waves at the event(no I didn't say wavey!!!!!). But, man it was so much going on, I can't even remember. oh the King of the city milt-Fresh was rippin the dance floor apart on the salsa joint!!! Oh ya'll ain't know milt-fresh knew how to get his bilar on(ok so I only learned a few things in high school spanish). Yo befor I go any further, shout out to my boy Hovie the great who was killin the London Fog coat!!! Dudes ain't up on London fog!! Joint is old school!!! Step the FuZz up!!! Milt-Fresh killed the Salsa Room!!!! They wasn't ready!!! They ain't know the FrEsH-KiNg could bilar!!!! Oh and Hovie and I got interviewd by the New Haven Independant!!! Shout out to them cause the New Haven Register is a seriously biest publication. But anyway i must go, sleep is kicking my butt!!! Great night!!! Stay FuZz ya'll!!!


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe I Agree Ya Boy Coat Is Hot I Like It On Him Ya Was Rather Sharp Wasnt Ya'll Well Ya Stole The Show And Babe It Ok That You Cant Speak Spanish lol I Mean Be Sides French Fries, Shirt And Dance But I bet You Did Tear That Floor Up. I'm Glad You Guys Enjoyed Yourselves I Wish I Could Have Gone Instead Of Work But Anyways babe Ya Looked Handsome To Me.

Dominica said...

Seemed like a lot of fun...good food & wine, nice music mmmm...can imagine me sitting at your table and watch and enjoy all these people and their company...
And what I like the most is that everybody got dressed up so well !
Wow ! I really do like that ; I hate it when people don't make an effort in dressing ; it's showing some respect to your host(s) too, no ?