Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Jack move!!!!

Once again ya boy Mil-Fresh has found another person who has pulled a jack move with my style. i should have never said I didn't like Argyle sweaters(I STILL DON'T!!!). So Like I said, I was watching America's Best Dance crew and I seen dude Lando Wilkins from Boxcuttuz rockin my Blue black and grey large Argyle design Express sweater!!!! Yes I know My mink scarf is covering up my pic that shows how it goes to Work!!! even though i'm not a fan of the whole 80's nerd vibe anymore(so 04 05), I do like the way he incorperates the sweater into his look. Most dudes who i've seen rock express items do freak it with originality. I mean their peicesforce you to wear them different. Dudes just need to stay out of my closet!!!!! LOL!

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