Wednesday, January 7, 2009

FuZz than the rest of them!!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll? got a lot of thoughts on the brain. Feelin the rapper, love a lot of his other joints. But Nike boots has been in my head for two weeks. Mad ill movies commin out. Gots to see Notorious and Bridal wars!!! Still need to see that will smith Joint too. Yo will somebody tell me when Ryan Leslie's Album comin out?!!! Yo he's the missing link to R&B. It's funny how a hater will throw rocks and hide their hands like they've done nothing. Be all in ya face tryna ask where you get this from? Where you get that from? then turn and talk greezy!!! However, my new philosophy is to love em any way!!! Goin to war with all these suckaz really isn't gonna prove anything. They really want to see you act out of character so they can expose you to the rest of the world!! Crazy logic isn't it? Well the only thing that kills hate is love!!!! Yo not for nothin, I like Robert Wayne shoes, but they killin the mess out of the whole denim fabric pointed toe thing. I like denim but DANG!!!! OH GET YA OWN IS, WHY YOU RIDDIN MINE!!!!!????? I just had to say that!!! Can't wait til the end of the mounth!!! Can't tell ya'll now, but my faithful readers will be the first to know!! til next time, keep it FuZz!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well Well Well you Said A mouth Full lol. Ok idk about the ryan leslie cd, Bridal wars is gonna be funny, Biggie movie is gonna be hot. idk what to tell you about the whole denim episode lol and i got my own ish i aint riding yours lol i'm jus messin with you babe