Saturday, February 28, 2009

Like Martin Luther king I too had a dream, But I understand I'm too flashy for Esquire Magazine!!!!

No the headline isn't a sartorial jab to Esquire Mag's 08 best dressed real man in America winner Kenyatte Nelson(because he can really dress), I just really know that my style is toooo Flashy and gaudi to represent their pages!!!! That's also a line i'm gonna use for my raps, so ya'll wack bitin rappers you know where you heard it from(oh my dude Fitz from Early morning mob and JP's open mics hipped me to dude swagger jackin my bars!!! I love it though!!!!!)!!!! Any way ya boy went shoppin tonight and did a lil shopping!!!! Lil Damage!!!!! We can see the Blue Moon Stacy Slip ons!!! Word on the FuZz those are so OG right there!!!!! So FuZzY Johnson!!!! Finally coopped a pair of GBX Boat shoes!!!! Been wanting a pair for quite a while. Do plan on copping more. I've been feelin like dressin up casual shoes and boat shoes recently. That mullet effect, bussiness on top part down stairs!!!!! Oh had to cop the steve harvey weave joint for summer. I hate buyin summer junk during witer months(but love it when its vice versa)but that was a must. Well next week it will be on again!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Opening Ceromy desert boots are definetly FuZz!!!!

Desert Boots to me have always been sort of the red headed step child to Wallabbes. However, Opening Ceromony takes the Desert Boot and flips it on its head. They key of success for the shoe? Throw color on it!!!! Not just any colors, bright joints such as yellow, royal blue, and red. These definetly are a smooth alternative to dress shoes!!!

What a freakin day!!!!!!!

Man I'M FREAKIN PISSED!!!!! MAD THAT MY LAPTOP HAS A FREAKIN VIRUS!!!!!!Junk pisses me off!!!! Oh well, it happens!! Maybe i'll be able to relax tonight. My pookie and I are going to the symphony. Yeah pookie and I are back out on the town to stunt on these suckaz!!!!! Will definetly have pics of tonights excersizes!!!! These suckaz got to turn they swagg on!!! How you turn ya swagg on. Junk ain't no on and off switch!!! When your FuZzY your FuZzY for life, 24 hours a day, 365 days ayear, 366 on the leap year!!! Never change!!!! The Tuxedo chic will be in full effect!!! Once again i'm angry as ever!!! Viruses suck!!! Do to the technical difficulties I might be a lil slow on the posts. Then maybe not!! Just ya'll bear with me and pray that things get better!! Take care, FuZz in FuZz out!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Milt-Fresh live at JP'S open mic

Hey FuZz world ya boy Milt-Fresh ripped down another open mic night at JP's. A brotha had mad fun. Shout out to my pookie and my sister in law Lil Donna who road out with me!!1 The three of us had mad fun Laughin and jokin!!!! DMX AND MY DOGS BITE!!!!!! Inside joke!!! LOL!! But any I gots live video of the night thanks to Pookie and Donna. Onca again cause me and blogger don't get along with uploading video from other sources i'm asking you to copy and paste the link. Yes very Ghetto in the age of technology, but rock with me now and we'll have it together in the future.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I could kick myself for passing up the Scorpion King Antonios!!!

In my never ever ending quest for the sickest shoes on the planet I came across the these two pairs of Antonio Zengaras. Funny story is the Scorpion King Antonio's(what I call them) I saw a few months back and had a the chance to try on. However renigged on buying them. Why you ask? Nothing but stupidity. I passed them up soooo many times for other pairs until the moment i took interest in them my size was snatched!!! Let this be a lesson to all shoppers alike. You first instinct is usually the best. Buy the item when you have the chance.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The FrEsH KiNg is Home CT!!!!!

After being on a long needed vacation from the state of CT ya boy Milt-Fresh Best Dressed is back home. The only real reason i'm glad to be home is because of my pooki girl veronica. Really thats my main reason. Can't front i did have a lot of fun while in North Carolina. Did a lot of shopping While down there. Most of all I used that trip to pray and reflect on things in my life. Which i'm most thankful for. My 9-5 had me kind of in stress mode. But i've learned to just have fun as it comes. Suckaz are gonna come and go. can't help every one. Can't save every onee neither. But i will tell you this, I'M BACK HARDER AND STRONGER THAN EVER!!!! MILT-FRESH IS BACK!!!! Stay tuned!!!

This is what happens when a hotel doesn't pay it's taxes!!!!!! It's really sad!!!

I'm not giving the name of the hotel or the place but just know they have n o mercy on anybody!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Milt-fresh freestyle on youtube

Bacardi also caught me on youtube flippin bars in Hometown's parking lot. can't stunt ya boy was goin in on these suckaz!!! hit it up, type in Milt-fresh Freestyle or copy and paste this link
i haven't masterd putting up youtube videos up here. but when I do trust its gonna be on SUUCCCCKKKKKAAAAAAZZZZZ!!! FuZz!

New flicks!! Good look bacardi!!!!

The dude Bacardi took these flicks a couple sundays ago and I must say these joints look rather ill FuZz!! The capture my side FuZzY side very well. As you can see my uncle gettin it in!!! I must say it runs in the family!!!

Im addicted!!!!

I got to hit the detox center quick cause my problem is getting out of hand!!!!


And I yhought Rocawear Prokeds were soooooooooooooooooooo wrong!!!!! Then I saw these!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009



Peace and Love

Nothing much to say. Just want to tell the world God bless you, and keep it FuZzY. Time to step out on Faith. We've been waiting for so long. The time is now.

Ralph Lauren Polo Landers is killin em!!!!!

Recently people are really seeing my love for slip on mocs and Boat shoes. Basicly because they are so ill to dress up. It comes to a crazy shock when see a gentleman in a dashiki suit, shirt, tie, sweater, wide brim hat, fur coat and look down to see boat shoes. Its the exact opposite. it really turns people on there heads. The Stanard colors for boat shoes like brown and blue are cool. But it's the off the wall colors that really add to the more dressy quality. Like red, yellow, royal blue, white, grey/apple green. 310 and sperry made some of the illest boat shoes around until i saw these Ralph lauren polo landers that smashed everybody!!!!! Leave it to the classic old school to out do everybody.

BBC Dollars & Diamonds Bow-Ties are sick FuZz!!!

In 2008 I started noticing Pharrell Williams sporting Bow-ties to different events. Preferably Bow-ties with dinner jackets, tux shirt, jeans, and loafers. So when I saw that he introduced $85 dollar Bow-ties to his Multi million dollar BBC clothing line I really wasn't surprised. it was only a moment of time until he started making his version for the masses. And I must say I would wear it. Trust it would go down lovely with my Tuxedo Chic look. The issue is many where i'm from wouldn't be able to appreciate the shock value of it being BBC. Mainly because many in New Haven don't wear BBC(there more wanna be Bape heads, no BBC rockers). However, screw shock value!!!! The Bow-tie is tooooo mean!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

By far the illest concept for a mixtape!!

i'm not a huge fan of Yung LA, but Dro is the illest!!! Ya'll know how I feel about Young Dro!!! Dude is a freakin style beast(was already featured in a For the Love ofthe FuZz segment of the blog). With that being said, i must say that the idea of this mixtape is freakin incredible. black boy swagg, white boy swagg. It opitimizes everything the hood fashion is about. Wearing high end items and giving them a hood edge, which is what dro is great for doing. Dro can rock loafers and still keep it hood. Some would love to say dro is only capitalizing off of the prep swagg of kanye. But lets think about it. He really has never changed. he's still Polo to the flo!! And keeps it gutta as ever. yo the most funniest thing is to see dro's video interveiw on his myspace blog where he's talkin bout his polo swagg and how dudes in ATL are jockin his swagg. You might be wonderin why i ain't talkin bout LA!!! Well he really ain't my cup of tea!! Yo did anybody see Dro's fit on 106 and park/ Red polo sweater, dress shirt tie, whitish khakis, red loafers, and red socks!!! Dro crushed that fit!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

FuZz in my eye part 2

What's FuZzN yall Ya boy Fresh has got a lot of things on his mind. Job is totally crazy!!! Suckaz be buggin up in that peice!!! Well brotha can't wait to relax!!!! Any way, yo ya FuZz is gearin up for the socond open mic night!!!!been workin on new material to spit at these clowns at JP's!!! Pookie, i'm a smother you!!! I don't care what you say!!!! lol!!!(another inside joke!!!!). Yo I want eeverybody to know technology is freakin dangerous in the wrong hands!!! Everybody needs to know that!! LOL!Can't wait to attack this track Toney hit me off with!!! Already got bars for it!!! Yo I ain't been Man bag coppin in a min!!! I love my Black and yellow Fred Perry bag, I need another joint! Yo i'm freakin mad at the Guys Nylon mag photos of Pharrell Williams!! The youtubr video made me think the pics were gonna really highlight Pharrell's style!!! While i'm on style, I like the fit of most bespoke suits but some dudes take the tailoring too far!!!! This message goes out to Bishop Eddie Long!! Great preacher but homey's arm be lookin like its about to bust out the sleeve!!!! So ya father do Savile Row!!!??? LoL!!I know i'm wrong!!! I need to stop!! Brotha Clockin the sick reversable Fendi logo Belt!!!! Yo will somebody tell me who made the Lexus GS popular? Biggie or Jay? I know it was a brooklyn thing but everybody goes back and forth with who made them popular. Foxy say one thing, lil cease say anotha!!! Dang!! really don't matter! Can somebody explain to me the meaning behind Ron Browz's Jumpin out the window? The video is a wild Ghetto Abstract joint!!! Like a mix of pop champagn and narles barkley's crazy!! Yo Red leather couches are the truth!! Yo I gots to give a shout out to my pops Milton E. browm, Sr. he's a man's man in every sense of the word. A true thinker. When you think he's sleep, he's got both eyes on you. Man his facial expression can tell you more than words could ever say!! But let me say this and i'll be done. A god father hat or a Kangol doesn't make you milt-Fresh. A pair of OG Stacy Adams, Zota pointed toes, massimo mocs, 310 boat shoes, or wallabbe clarks don't mak you Milt-Fresh!!! man lets not even talk about the Dashiki suits cause they can't even get those!!! LOL!! Gold Chains don't make you Milt-Fresh!! What makes you Milt-Fresh is heart, being bold, having integrity, being yourself. Once you have all that, you still can't be milt-Fresh!!! Cause theres only one milt-Fresh!!!! I love this life!!! Til next btime FuZzY Johnson signing off!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grammy family stuntin at fashion week

Yo not for nothin but I tried to stay away from this subject but I couldn't. As everybody knows kanye and the GOOD music/Pastelle crew(which consisted of Don c, ibn jasper, Chris Julian(owner of Fruition in Las vegas), Taz Arnold from Sa-ra, Fonzworth Bentley and many others) went paris fashion week a couple weeks ago to go see the different exhibitions by Paris's Elite fashion houses. In the midst of attending, The faction seemed to kick up quite a steer from many critics all over the world. The main gripe on many websites was that many felt kanye and his constituents were dressing gay!!! Mainly for their use of color in their outfits. Then many went on to Attack Taz Arnold(the Gentleman in the baby blue Mcm Jacket and the apple green leather with the Leopard print pants)for his outrageous style. since They've been back on u.s. soil theres been many debates on their style choices for the event. First up to bat in the line of defense was kanye's hair stylist and image consultant Ibn Jasper(who was shouted out by Lupe in the paris Tokyo track, the reason I get fly is ibn jasper)who went hard on the haters on his blog. Stating that they refused to wear pants half way down their crack and wearing oversized white t's and ect. Also even in a more hood manner letting every critic know that he was from chi Town where true pimps dwell and he was from the hood. Kanye's response on Sway's show was more defining the Gay critique, which he had been fighting with for a while. This is where my opinion comes into play. If you visit this blog frequently you know what millt-Fresh stand for!!! NOTHIN BUT THAT FuZz!!! Man hate like what they're receiving is something I live with on a dailey basis. I mean me on a smaller scale in New Haven Ct has set trends and have broken boundries. And with doing this its come with a price. Its come with backlash, hate jealosy, back biting, slick talk, everything. I mean sometimes you can't even sit down to a normal meal without someone in your face at times. Mind you again this is on a local level!!! What all of these guys have done was broken boundries on an international scale. my question is why do they have to be gay to dress like this? 1 million down low men in America plus 1 million more gay men with no sense of style and they have to be gay? 1 million pink, Orange, Lavender, and red Ralph Lauren polo shirts sold from macys to Marshalls and were still having this conversation about attributing bright colors to Gays? If anything we should be thanking them for what they mean to men's fashion at this point. They're showing you what men from the hood look like when they go all out and stunt!!! I thought this was America people?

Monday, February 9, 2009

As we proceed to give you what you need!!!!

What's FuZzN Ya'll? Work is crazy!!! This goes out to you, and you and you!!!! Lol!! Yo suckaz, yall want to ball out, yall want to be on ya grown man ish????!!! We hit Symphonyies!!! Don't know what i'm talkin bout? you'll soon learn!!!! LOL! Dudes is tryna get mellow this week. But I will say this I'm Kon the Loui vuitton don bought my mom a purse now she loui vuitton mom!!! subliminal joke!!! Don't you subliminal jokes!!!?? Yes there dead wrong for those who don't get it, but great for those who do!! See ceaser see brutus, see jesus see judas has to be the illest line spat by Jay-z. You have to first understand what that line means to get it. While we're on the subject of hot bars, please understand i'm comin for the jugular vain with the raps!!! Can't wait for the mo's to hit the store!! Would order em on line but I don't feel like fightin with UPS!! Dudes is afraid to come through the hood!! LOL! can't blame em, lil dudes are doin anything to create a buzz for themselves!!!That sucks cause I shouldn't have to hit the store for the mo's!! Well in the end they are rather worth it! can't stunt. Well next week is gonna be a ill week!!! I'll keep ya'll posted. Stay up. FuZz!

swagg was up at the Grammys!!!!!

You word up last night was a great night for hip-hop at the Grammys!! But the night has to go to the Swagga like us posse of Jay, Kanye (Martin Loui the king Jr), T.I. and Weezey baby lil Wayne. I was real shocked that they did this song at the Grammys. For one theres no video. Really its ill off of its popularity and the world's fascination with having Swagg. Everybody was crushin the style Ye, tip, and Jay killed it Rat pack style with the Tux or the tooley!!!! Wayne was the nigga who was the odd ball as usual, but I can't stunt, I liked how that rockstar chic joint came together with the suit, shirt, skinny tie,drapped suspenders,and the fedora, I HATE CHUCKS!!!!! It's crazy how that hat has become more atributed to hipsters. But anyway the performance was ill, MIA pregnant was about to drop!!!!! LOL!!! Love the look, love the cohesive unit, cause with all these different egos. But it didn't look like they were going for self!! Perfect performance.