Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm out for presidents to represent me!!!!

Had that joint on the brain!!!! only reason why its the title. well black history month is here!! Yes every black person will now have more pride about than ever!!! I wonder why?!! LOL! Not going there!!! Thinking about putting up the Samsung Black Jack 2 for the Samsung Eternity!!!! The Eternity is way raw FuZz!!!! But first a brotha got to cop the Logod up Ralph Lauren Polo dress shirt!!!! Yo lil dude at my job rolled up on me asking me was that an Ed Hardy Sweater!!! LOL! Ya'll who follow the blog should know what my reaction was!! I told him Ed Hardy was trash!!! LOL! I know I'm mean! Got to get back on my grind with the bars!!! The community love it, the haters helpin the motivation!!!! It's crazy how it took the B.I.G movie for lil dudes to really look at Big as an ill lyricist!!! It really doesn't feel that long ago that Big was alive!!! Oh well!!! Yo life is wild out here!!! I really encourage people, no matter if your young or old, please get a hobby. Find an interst in something. Make sure its constructiive and not detrimental to your health or well being. Specially cause this world has the power to stress you out and wear you down. There are times you don't know which way is up.Feels like your giving your all and people are steadily taking from you. People are unapreciative of the things you've done!!! But from experience I advise all readers to just pray to God in times of werriness. People always talk that religion junk is just placing false hope in somethin you can't see. Well I'll put it to these suckaz like this, for many years i've put faith in many of things I could see and its failed!!! soon as I put my faith in jesus christ, things started looking up for me!!!! MIND YOU SOMETHING I CAN'T SEE!!! But thats where your faith comes in at!!! Let me stop preachin to ya'll!!! Ya'll can't handle Milt-Fresh goin in on ya'll like that!!!! I can feel it in the air by beanie segal has been on my mind for a min!!! Joint brings me back to 04-05 when things was rough for a brotha!!!! Yo not for nothin, i must say jamaicans(the men in general, the women too) really have ill style when it comes to stuntin!!! Ain't takin nothin away from the French, but to me Jamican men know how to really stunt when it comes to getting dressed. Theyr'e not afraid of color or being flashy!! You can even see it in the Reggae stars like like Beanie Man, Bounty Killa, and Mr. Vegas(I would like to mention sean paul, but sometimes i just ain't feelin his look). CONVICT JEANS!!!!!???????? WHAT IS FASHION COMING TO?????!!!!!! LOL! Well I can't blame akon, theres money for everybody!!!! Yo that Gorrilla Zoe joint about losin his mind is too ill( reminds me of a mix between cry me a river and the ghetto boys mind playin tricks on me).Yo I know a lot of people in New Haven are goin to be heated with this statement, but why are people trying to turn New Haven into Compton California!! not callin no names but yo New Haven was never based on that type of system. Swagger jackin is more than biting a style of dress. It's biting a way of life or culture that your not versed in!! Food for thought!!! FuZz!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Yes You Are Mean For That Ed Hardy Statement lol. And I Agree With The Whole Get A Hobby Thing. Ok Babe I See You Preaching To The Peaple I Like That I Felt That Thang lol. Nice Blog Bookiie Great Job On This One