Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a freakin day!!!!!!!

Man I'M FREAKIN PISSED!!!!! MAD THAT MY LAPTOP HAS A FREAKIN VIRUS!!!!!!Junk pisses me off!!!! Oh well, it happens!! Maybe i'll be able to relax tonight. My pookie and I are going to the symphony. Yeah pookie and I are back out on the town to stunt on these suckaz!!!!! Will definetly have pics of tonights excersizes!!!! These suckaz got to turn they swagg on!!! How you turn ya swagg on. Junk ain't no on and off switch!!! When your FuZzY your FuZzY for life, 24 hours a day, 365 days ayear, 366 on the leap year!!! Never change!!!! The Tuxedo chic will be in full effect!!! Once again i'm angry as ever!!! Viruses suck!!! Do to the technical difficulties I might be a lil slow on the posts. Then maybe not!! Just ya'll bear with me and pray that things get better!! Take care, FuZz in FuZz out!!!

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