Monday, February 9, 2009

As we proceed to give you what you need!!!!

What's FuZzN Ya'll? Work is crazy!!! This goes out to you, and you and you!!!! Lol!! Yo suckaz, yall want to ball out, yall want to be on ya grown man ish????!!! We hit Symphonyies!!! Don't know what i'm talkin bout? you'll soon learn!!!! LOL! Dudes is tryna get mellow this week. But I will say this I'm Kon the Loui vuitton don bought my mom a purse now she loui vuitton mom!!! subliminal joke!!! Don't you subliminal jokes!!!?? Yes there dead wrong for those who don't get it, but great for those who do!! See ceaser see brutus, see jesus see judas has to be the illest line spat by Jay-z. You have to first understand what that line means to get it. While we're on the subject of hot bars, please understand i'm comin for the jugular vain with the raps!!! Can't wait for the mo's to hit the store!! Would order em on line but I don't feel like fightin with UPS!! Dudes is afraid to come through the hood!! LOL! can't blame em, lil dudes are doin anything to create a buzz for themselves!!!That sucks cause I shouldn't have to hit the store for the mo's!! Well in the end they are rather worth it! can't stunt. Well next week is gonna be a ill week!!! I'll keep ya'll posted. Stay up. FuZz!

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