Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grammy family stuntin at fashion week

Yo not for nothin but I tried to stay away from this subject but I couldn't. As everybody knows kanye and the GOOD music/Pastelle crew(which consisted of Don c, ibn jasper, Chris Julian(owner of Fruition in Las vegas), Taz Arnold from Sa-ra, Fonzworth Bentley and many others) went paris fashion week a couple weeks ago to go see the different exhibitions by Paris's Elite fashion houses. In the midst of attending, The faction seemed to kick up quite a steer from many critics all over the world. The main gripe on many websites was that many felt kanye and his constituents were dressing gay!!! Mainly for their use of color in their outfits. Then many went on to Attack Taz Arnold(the Gentleman in the baby blue Mcm Jacket and the apple green leather with the Leopard print pants)for his outrageous style. since They've been back on u.s. soil theres been many debates on their style choices for the event. First up to bat in the line of defense was kanye's hair stylist and image consultant Ibn Jasper(who was shouted out by Lupe in the paris Tokyo track, the reason I get fly is ibn jasper)who went hard on the haters on his blog. Stating that they refused to wear pants half way down their crack and wearing oversized white t's and ect. Also even in a more hood manner letting every critic know that he was from chi Town where true pimps dwell and he was from the hood. Kanye's response on Sway's show was more defining the Gay critique, which he had been fighting with for a while. This is where my opinion comes into play. If you visit this blog frequently you know what millt-Fresh stand for!!! NOTHIN BUT THAT FuZz!!! Man hate like what they're receiving is something I live with on a dailey basis. I mean me on a smaller scale in New Haven Ct has set trends and have broken boundries. And with doing this its come with a price. Its come with backlash, hate jealosy, back biting, slick talk, everything. I mean sometimes you can't even sit down to a normal meal without someone in your face at times. Mind you again this is on a local level!!! What all of these guys have done was broken boundries on an international scale. my question is why do they have to be gay to dress like this? 1 million down low men in America plus 1 million more gay men with no sense of style and they have to be gay? 1 million pink, Orange, Lavender, and red Ralph Lauren polo shirts sold from macys to Marshalls and were still having this conversation about attributing bright colors to Gays? If anything we should be thanking them for what they mean to men's fashion at this point. They're showing you what men from the hood look like when they go all out and stunt!!! I thought this was America people?

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

WEll If Bently Aint Sharp lol I've Always Loved Him. But That Dude With The Blue Jacket And Matching Briefcase, bag Or Whatever It Is He Killed It. Kanye Was Killing It Too.