Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yo I haven't worn a pair of Timbs since Sophmore year of high school. but i'm tellin you now, I can't stand these wild colors and designs Timberland is using to boost their street cred!!! Be for real, who wants to go to the store to buy Already airbrushed Timbs!!!! That defeats the purpose of getting them personalised!!! Further more only suckaz wear these wild joints!!! Real dudes are only wearing the standard Tan and maybe the black!!!! It's Funny how these companies don't want Urban Culture saturating their brands, then they fire their representatives and add a new design team, and this becomes the outcome!!!! Maybe this is why they're selling them for $49.00 each!!!! ??? LOL!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've never been a fan of LL's style(I do respect his appeal to the females and his Kangol game though). So when they said he was coming out with a clothing line, I wasn't too thrilled!!!! Plus Sears carries it so you know I thought it was mad sex!! But to be honest its not bad. It just looks like something Black Label would put out!!. Either way you know I would never wearit!! But for all the other succkaz, it could work!!! Well maybe not!!!! He's only capitalising off of the designs of todays styles. Nothing innovative, just something that can sell and compete in today's market!!! Hope it doesn't do like Nelly's Vokal did!!! LOL!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lindsey out the program!!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll!!!?? Milt-Fresh just chillin doin what I do best!!! As you can see I got the Brown Collection, Express, Kangol thing goin on!!! But yo let me put somthin on blast for a min!!! Everybody by now has seen Fab rockin the Reflective Loui shades in th Ryan Leslie's addiction joint!!! So my Godbrother Seagal was talkin to me, and he was like "yo remember when you had the purple gucci reflective joints back in the day?" I was like yeah,I used rock those back in 03 senior year of high school(2003 James Hillhouse High school Best Dressed award winner!!! just thought I'd remind ya'll)!!! So recently I was watchin R Les's alternate video to addiction and who do I see rockin my Purple Reflective Gucci logo joints!!! Yes Mr. F.a.b.o.l.o.u.s!!!!! Straight jockin Milt-Fresh_Best Dressed!!! Nah but I ain't a hater, fab crushed them joints!!!!! But it's funny how them shades had been out since 02 and Fab's just now rockin em in 08. I said for years i'm surprised a rapper hasn't freaked them in a video!!! Ya'll just better be lucky I don't rock shades!!! I'll just stick to my Perscription Versaces!!!! FuZz!!!! Vision to FuZzY for ya'll!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rick Ross's Fendi Leather is sick FuZz!!!!

Like I said, Flyest Big dude since biggie!!!! Ain't nobody touchin that Fendi Joint!!!


Man it feels like my city is actin like the freakin super market tabloids! People all in my business!!!! Askin me all types of questions, "Where do you live?" "Where do you go shoppin at?" "Why do I dress this way?" "Who do you think you are"? "Do you go to church"? "Where do you go to church at?" "What do you do in church?" "Who do you go with?" "Are you married?" "When you gettin married?" "Are you gettin married to ya current girl?" "How long ya'll been together?" "How long you been dressin like this?" "Why you don't wear regular clothes?" "What make you wear suits?" I mean come on!!!! That's why I felt kanye and don c for smashin cameras at the airport!!!! That joint made the illest statement!!! I mean these suckaz be goin toooo far with this junk!!!! I mean look at what they tried to do to Rick Ross career!! That junk made me mad!! I mean my man is doin good for himself, his style dead right, sold about I don't know how many million records!!!! And you digg up some junk from the past on emm!!!!! People need to get a grip and live their lives!!Be happy with yaselves!!!! Read the tabloid f ya own life!!! you'll probably like whatyou read!!!


White O.G. Stacy's are hurtn the game!!!!! Them junks will look live in my O.G. collection!!!!

Masimo Grafitti ice joints are next!!!!!

Trust I will; have these by the weekend!!!!!! It's not a game!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: Ne-Yo

Yes the "For the Love of the FuZz" segment is back!!! this time around Neyo is my latest style star. this is one gentlemen whose style has most definetly improved with every video, every award shoe and every photo opt. I remember Neyo's first video with the fitted, stocking cap, button down, a tie, baggy jeans, a track jacket and the Air Forces. An ok start. But then there was the Radio joint with the brown leather jacket with the fur on the lapel. Then the Sexy love joint with the black leather ith the black fedora joint. Soon it became aparent that Neyo wasn't one of these R&B gangsta dudes. He was really trying to embody what an R&B singer was all about. Most definetly he even dresses the part. One things for sure bro has one of the sickest hat games!!!! I can say that cause my hat game ain't nothin to play with.However on this album Neyo has gone for a more classic and refined look. I mean he has no choice with an album named the Year of the Gentleman. Well Tailored suits, hard bottoms, ssweaters,stingy brim hats, pork pie hats. Very Sammy Davis, Jr meets Savile Row. My only issue is that he makes no bones about never really caring about style befor. Which to me is crazy cause he's one of the rare few who looks natural in his clothes. But better late than never. Neyo's the A+ dresser in my book

This shirt is toooo FuZz!!!

One of the latest Ecko Button Down Shirts out this season. One thing I'll say about Ecko unlt is they have never been skimpy on detail and design. They've always brought an extraordinary element to masses.And this shirt represents such work.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The coming

Ok yesterday I decided to do some shopping!!!! As you can see I had to add to my Express collection. Been clockin the red sweater vest online for sometime. Had to have that in my life. Had to rock with the paisly button down real quick. Then II saw that Express crew kneck logo sweater and it was murder she wrote. After that, you know like I told you guys, The Masimos were the illest. A brotha had to go and cop!!!!! Like I said a couple posts ago, this can only get worst befor it gets better!!!! I'm like Juelz, don't watch me, watch TV!!!!!! FuZz!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Charlie Baltimore still got it goin on!!!!

Yo look had in this pic. Doesn't Charlie Baltimore have Gina from Martin thing goin on!!!?? LOL! Maybe my imagination!!! She's still sexy in my book!!

Milt-Fresh FuZzN on 100,000 trillion!!!!!!!!

How's everybody livin? Yeah, just had to hit em with Subtle plaid three peice Brown Collection Dashiki joint with the Peach dress shirt(design is wild!!!). They weren't ready for it!! Man had my hood lookin like haterville yesterday!!! New dudes out here thinkin they live givin the dirty looks like crazy!!! Oh well, they'll get over it. On the upside, last night was mad ill. Changed clothes and went with my wifey pookie girl, her brother and his girl out to Wallingford to be scared out of our witts at the Trail of Terror. Yo that junk is live!!! I can't give it all away but your from the New Haven rea, you need to check it out. Only problem is the long lines!!!! The Stacy Adams leather came in handy standin in the cold!!!! Would have gotten flicks on the Blackk Jack, but it was too dark. But that joint is crazy!!! It was bout to be on though lady up in there throw water on me cause we ain't want to hear her story!!! She lucky!!! LOL! But it was crazy. Well anyway, I must go time to start my day. Take care of ya selves. One FuZz!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hood ni$$@Z he's just showin you growth!!!!

I have a lot of mixed emotions about seeing Jada in a suit. But, let me start off by saying, I love the outfit. I don't hate it. However, This fit makes Jada look like he's going to a first friday party than the Grammys. I think the shades are what gives it that im a hood dude dressed in a suit on a friday night feel. At first I thought the old school cartier frames that everybody was rockin in 98-99 would have done the fit justice. Then I also thought he would look like he's on his way to islamic temple number 31. If he would have went shadless, he would have been good. Honestly, what has me stratling the fence on Jada's Grammy look, is i'm not used to seeing this side of him. The most dressed i've seen Jada was him wearing a two peice set(Club suit or Leisure suit mosly called), loui kicks, with a loui bucket or kangol. I'll even go as far as the creame linen joint he had in the knock yourself out video, with the bucket and white uptowns with the gucci print on the check. Seeing Jada formaly dressed kind of throws me off. But even jada understands the gravity of growth. You know even though this outfit is very FuZz, he would have been better off going old school mobster with a black three peice suit, shoes and a Godfather hat. It would have went down down with his persona. But I give the look an A. Not bad.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I know this is wrong but I just have to say this. This is one place you don't want to be caught window shoppin out of in the New Haven area!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Zota's lookin tough!!!!!!!!!

I know I switched from pointed toes to the O.G. Stacy's but these Zota's are remarkable. If I saw these in the store I would cop these


Shout out to my boys SP The Ghost and Ice. As you can see they were gettin their FuZz game on in tailor made dashiki tops, designed and made by the Brown Collection(My father and I). They were gettin it in at their grandmother's funeral. R.I.P Mrs. Mary Etta Lee

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The real sexiest woman alive: Pam Grier

Yo i know Esquire named Halle Berry the sexiest woman alive, basicly cause she looks good for 40, but come on!!!!! In my opinion Pam Grier looks just as good and how old is she? She's 59!!!!! 59 ya'll!!!!!That's what i'm talkin bout!!! The original Foxy Brown, the real whole lot of woman!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Masimo NY mocs are sick FuZz!

Hands down, Masimos are the sickest pair of driver shoes you can wear!!!! There a great cross between sick flashy style and comfort!!!! Which is what you can't find in most shoes today. It's usually one or the other. What your seeing are the Fall line of shoes from Masimo NY. Every season they deliver something new to the table. Last season they put out driving shoes that were embelished with graffiti on the front. I boast of having every color of them and straight up shut things down when I wear them!!!! Everybody compliments me everytime I wear them. But as you can see, this time around they are using snakeskin designs and even pulling from the current rockstar fad with the skull joints. Now everybody knows I'm not with the whole rockstar junk. So for me to rock something with a skull on it I have to really like it. And these black pair and white pair are most definetly the exception to my rule.(Sidebar, the only brand that does skulls right when it comes to clothing is Express). These three are on my to get list.

Straight FuZzN on em!!!!!

Ok Thursday night ya boy went to SCSU to chill with my boy D-Rad!!!! We freakenn turned the Campus upside down!!! D-Rad normally don't get FuZz like that, but when he does I swear he becames a different person!!!! LOL! He handles biz!! These pics don't even do the night justice!!! We had em yellin out the dorm windows!!! We had the Student center on smash!!! We went to this Spanish Dance party but to be honest, I wasn't feelin it!! Can't front the party was live, but I just ain't have it in me!! And thats wild cause everybody knows me as the Wild Party Animal!!! I guess Grown man is turning into old man!!! LOL! All in all a good night!


Well GBX is back with their fall line of Men's shoes. GBX really sticks to the format of fall/winter colors, unlike their parent company Giorgio Brutini or their rival Stacy Adams, who at times have no problem putting bright colors on their fall shoes. However, unlike some what they lack in color, they make up for in design. Like the first pair of boots at the top. Those joints are sick!!! They look like a cross between a ppair of Nike ACG's and a Boat Shoe. Which is great, because men need a great boot that doesn't look like i'm trying to climb mount everest, but smooth enough to wear with a leather jacket and a sweater. The other two sick as well. I could see those going down well with some khakis and a button striped Ralph Lauren Polo dress shirt and a newsboy cap. Further more if you have the balls enough, with the right printed button down, the grey joints would work well with a suit. I know, can't see the vision!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I got the Heat For the Winter!!!!!