Saturday, October 11, 2008

Masimo NY mocs are sick FuZz!

Hands down, Masimos are the sickest pair of driver shoes you can wear!!!! There a great cross between sick flashy style and comfort!!!! Which is what you can't find in most shoes today. It's usually one or the other. What your seeing are the Fall line of shoes from Masimo NY. Every season they deliver something new to the table. Last season they put out driving shoes that were embelished with graffiti on the front. I boast of having every color of them and straight up shut things down when I wear them!!!! Everybody compliments me everytime I wear them. But as you can see, this time around they are using snakeskin designs and even pulling from the current rockstar fad with the skull joints. Now everybody knows I'm not with the whole rockstar junk. So for me to rock something with a skull on it I have to really like it. And these black pair and white pair are most definetly the exception to my rule.(Sidebar, the only brand that does skulls right when it comes to clothing is Express). These three are on my to get list.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I'm Feeling These Shoes Babe. I Really Like Them