Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: Ne-Yo

Yes the "For the Love of the FuZz" segment is back!!! this time around Neyo is my latest style star. this is one gentlemen whose style has most definetly improved with every video, every award shoe and every photo opt. I remember Neyo's first video with the fitted, stocking cap, button down, a tie, baggy jeans, a track jacket and the Air Forces. An ok start. But then there was the Radio joint with the brown leather jacket with the fur on the lapel. Then the Sexy love joint with the black leather ith the black fedora joint. Soon it became aparent that Neyo wasn't one of these R&B gangsta dudes. He was really trying to embody what an R&B singer was all about. Most definetly he even dresses the part. One things for sure bro has one of the sickest hat games!!!! I can say that cause my hat game ain't nothin to play with.However on this album Neyo has gone for a more classic and refined look. I mean he has no choice with an album named the Year of the Gentleman. Well Tailored suits, hard bottoms, ssweaters,stingy brim hats, pork pie hats. Very Sammy Davis, Jr meets Savile Row. My only issue is that he makes no bones about never really caring about style befor. Which to me is crazy cause he's one of the rare few who looks natural in his clothes. But better late than never. Neyo's the A+ dresser in my book

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Yes I Totally Agree I Am So Loving Everything About Ne-Yo I'm Glad You Finally Did A Segmant On Him It Was Long Overdue Bookie lol j/k But Great Job On This One