Friday, October 24, 2008

Lindsey out the program!!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll!!!?? Milt-Fresh just chillin doin what I do best!!! As you can see I got the Brown Collection, Express, Kangol thing goin on!!! But yo let me put somthin on blast for a min!!! Everybody by now has seen Fab rockin the Reflective Loui shades in th Ryan Leslie's addiction joint!!! So my Godbrother Seagal was talkin to me, and he was like "yo remember when you had the purple gucci reflective joints back in the day?" I was like yeah,I used rock those back in 03 senior year of high school(2003 James Hillhouse High school Best Dressed award winner!!! just thought I'd remind ya'll)!!! So recently I was watchin R Les's alternate video to addiction and who do I see rockin my Purple Reflective Gucci logo joints!!! Yes Mr. F.a.b.o.l.o.u.s!!!!! Straight jockin Milt-Fresh_Best Dressed!!! Nah but I ain't a hater, fab crushed them joints!!!!! But it's funny how them shades had been out since 02 and Fab's just now rockin em in 08. I said for years i'm surprised a rapper hasn't freaked them in a video!!! Ya'll just better be lucky I don't rock shades!!! I'll just stick to my Perscription Versaces!!!! FuZz!!!! Vision to FuZzY for ya'll!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Oh Wow Aint That Crazy. Fab Wanna be just like my bookie. Well he might as well get in line well you kepp wearing ya perscription lenses bookie you look sexy in them♥