Saturday, October 4, 2008


You know what makes me laugh is a hater will roll up and look at me funny with any of these peices of clothing on, and think they just as live as me!!! LOL! I mean as a chick how do you walk around with some jeans that say KABOOM!!!!!! You aught to be ashamed of yaselves!!!! And lets not talk about the special limited addition NIKE/VANS!!!!! LOL! Once again I can't even say that with a straight face!!!!! Mad different flavors!!!! The orange paten leather joints, Royal Blue joints!!!! Oh lets not forget the limited addition silver Supra/Bapes !!!!! LoL!!!! Oh and you sucka dudes ain't safe neither!!!! You Southpole wearin suckaZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! Yo dead up Southpole ain't been ill since 99!!!! You are especially a Sucka walkin around with a Southpole fitted!!! I mean I don't put nothin pass Newera now adays!!! They be makin fitteds with everybody!!! So you really feel live in some X-Clusive!!!! Ya'll the type of dudes to roll up next to my BCBG Pookie, try to spit game and holla at her, and she look at you like a sucka!!! Funny part is you'll wonder why she don't want you!!!!??? First off you ain't Milt-Fresh Mentaly or Physically!!! Second of all you Rockin an X-Clusive hoody with a Southpole fitted!!!! Talkin bout whats Good Ma!!!!???? Now if this is how ya swagg is, I ain't got nothin against it!!!! There are some cool down to eart people who rock these clothes!!! But don't be lookin at me sideways with this junk on!!!!! Ya mad sex gear!!!!! SWEARIN UP AND DOWN NO ONE ON THE CORNER HAS SWAGGA LIKE YA'LL!!!! FuZz!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Kaboom!!!!! REally Oh Wow. Babe Why u Puttin This On Blast Right Now lol. Me An My Lil Sis Said WE Gonna Get Them White Purple And Silver Lighting Bolt Joints And Do A Photo Shoot lol J/K. Them Blue Ones Are Beyond A Hot Mess. Now U Know Dude Got All That South Poe not Pole Poe Joints Right Now.