Saturday, October 4, 2008

One of the illest movies of all time!!!!!

The Great White Hope Starring James Earl Jones is one of the best movies of all time. I was going to do my top ten favorite movies. However, this movie deserves to be honored on it's on. For all those who haven't had the privilage to see such a remarkable film you are doing yourself a diservice. The movie depicts the real life struggle of African American professional Boxer Jack Johnson(played by James Earl Jones). To be real Jack Johnson set the stage for Blacks in search for fame and wealth in America. I mean you want to talk about SWAGG!!!!! The clothes were to die for. Tuxedos, Three peice suits, derby hats,godfather hats, everything!!! You would think the Good life would be so great for Jack. However, keeping in mind the time in which his heavy weight title reign was, you know many white people were not too happy with a champagne sipping, well dressed, smart mouth black Man who knocks out every white competitor. Did I forget to mention he dated white women!???!!! lol!!!! What do you want me to say, his black chick he had ran off with a pimp!!!! At the time white America had it out for Jack Johnson!!!! But, besides that Jack had a lot of issues when dealing with his own race. Being looked at as a sell out because he was trying to get what the white man had denied the dark race for years. Yo I can really relate to this movie on so many levels. People always want to talk about giving back to the community. But how do you give back to a community that never respected you from day one? I mean I understand the white man. The white man is up front with how they feel. They either love you or hate you. But what hurts is seeing hatred from my own people. I remember in college I wrote a paper for my African American history class. I'll never forget I wrote a statement that I live. I said, "my enemy isn't a Asian boy across the globe. That person doesn't even know I exist. My enemy isn't a white boy out in Greenwich, Ct. He's just my compitition. In my reality, my enemy is a black person who lives next door, down the street, around the corner and in the next hood over. I have no white or Asian enemies!!! But all of my enemies have the same skin complection and speak the same language as I do!!!!! Why is that? Because we as black People do not support each other. From the slums of the ghetto to the plush streets of Baldwin Hills. Thugs to the well to do blacks! We This isn't something that that just started happening, this movie shows it!!!! When he went round for round with the last white dude and he lost, white dude had the whole white race carrying him to glory!!!! Jack was usherd by his trainer and manager bloody and defeated!!!!! Nobody black to console him!!! From that point you can draw your own conclusion!!!! But the movie is real ill. The FuZz they was throwin down was sick!!!!

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