Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hood ni$$@Z he's just showin you growth!!!!

I have a lot of mixed emotions about seeing Jada in a suit. But, let me start off by saying, I love the outfit. I don't hate it. However, This fit makes Jada look like he's going to a first friday party than the Grammys. I think the shades are what gives it that im a hood dude dressed in a suit on a friday night feel. At first I thought the old school cartier frames that everybody was rockin in 98-99 would have done the fit justice. Then I also thought he would look like he's on his way to islamic temple number 31. If he would have went shadless, he would have been good. Honestly, what has me stratling the fence on Jada's Grammy look, is i'm not used to seeing this side of him. The most dressed i've seen Jada was him wearing a two peice set(Club suit or Leisure suit mosly called), loui kicks, with a loui bucket or kangol. I'll even go as far as the creame linen joint he had in the knock yourself out video, with the bucket and white uptowns with the gucci print on the check. Seeing Jada formaly dressed kind of throws me off. But even jada understands the gravity of growth. You know even though this outfit is very FuZz, he would have been better off going old school mobster with a black three peice suit, shoes and a Godfather hat. It would have went down down with his persona. But I give the look an A. Not bad.

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Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

i'm feeling you on your post. Jada looks outta place in the suit which kills the whole look for me. I kinda feel torn... I mean the brotha is trying and it does show growth ...but damn!!! maybe he should just start with baby steps (a button down and hard bottom shoes.)